June 8, 2023


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Årsmøte i Trondheim Arbeiderparti 2019.

Building of Honor – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country – Skjæran announces new rounds after labor riots

In the revised National Budget, the government proposes to postpone the launch of the giant Ocean Space Center in Trondheim. The allocation will be reduced to NOK 405 million and construction will be postponed until 2025.

News of the adjournment has caused a stir among Labor parties in Trondheim.

County Mayor Dore O. Sandwick believes this decision should be a “job accident” and says the postponement increases the cost of NOK 500-750 million.

– Staff have left offices and 1000 students are already on the move, he said Thursday.

Ronda Ottervik, the longtime mayor of Trondheim, reacted harshly to yesterday’s news.

– I am very surprised because we got a guarantee after March that this project will be implemented, he said.

Postponed: The Ocean Space Center on the reduced national budget has been hit by the government’s austerity knife.

Met with critics

Fisheries Minister Bjorner Schjaran (Labor) held new meetings with both Otterwick and Sandwick on Thursday.

The vice-president of the Labor Party is responsible for the project, which is worth NOK 549 million – more than half a billion.

What is the mood of the Labor Party now?

The language was not very different from Trondolac to the Norland I came from. Clear speech has never been a challenge for me, says Skjaran.

Construction was originally scheduled to begin this year, and in the previous government’s budget, it was proposed to allocate NOK 6.9 billion for the purpose.

The vice president of Labor says he has spoken with Otterwick and Sandwick, as well as with many at the Labor Party in Trondheim and around it.

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But in recent days I’ve talked a lot with Thoreau and Rita. They have revealed how important it is to ensure the progress of the Ocean Space Center. And from the government side, I was clear that it would be implemented. This is an important project for the government, which means a lot for the region, green change and the maritime industry, he says.

Bjørnar Skjæran, Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

Criticism: Labor Vice President and Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Minister Bjorner Skjaran has postponed the Maritime Space Center at his desk.

Photo: Kisil Jorgensen

Otterwick: Not sure

Rita Otterwick says she was just as clear to reporters as she was when the news broke during her meeting with Szczar.

It was the same news I interviewed yesterday. He said in a text message to the NRK today that the Ocean Space Center was important for industrial development, wind farm investment and full-time coastal work, so the postponement was unwise.

The mayor in Trondheim is afraid to spend money to postpone the post.

In addition, the costs of postponing are higher than the gain, so they have to pass the numbers again. Støre and Skjæran both confirmed doing so yesterday.

Press conference on the Corona situation in Trondheim.

– UNWATCH: Aps Mayor Rita Otterwick at Trondheim.

Photo: Ole Martin Vault / NDP

Skjæran met Sandvik in Oslo yesterday, and on another occasion the Minister met Ottervik, who was at a seminar, in Værnes.

It is now being revised for consideration in Sorting, and we are working to review the statistics and information we have received in recent days.

So what kind of information are you aiming for?

I think I will leave what I have said so far for now. We had a good conversation with Statsbygg and received many entries from the Trøndelag community, which we are now reviewing.

One of the arguments against deferral is precisely the costs. The claim is overdue Or cost more than the taste The plan is to put it in the snow.

Is it appropriate to change the decision?

Now we look at all the products available. When we look at this now we also see the input of Tore and Rita. The revised national budget is being considered by Storting, but many representatives in the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party are interested in the plan.

In which SMK

Although the budget proposal has been duly considered by Sorting, the government is certainly closely linked to the next process. As this question has provoked such strong reactions within the Labor Party, the matter is being closely followed by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Skjæran insists that the government budget indicates that new estimates of the decision must be made on a continuous basis.

To avoid further increase in costs in this project, we have taken a step back. But if Sporting finds a solution, Skjaran says, there is no respect for this decision on our part.

Tore O. Sandwick says all this is a work accident. Was that it?

Everyone interested in this project can categorize it to their liking. We have chosen to go for all the expensive projects. We need to reduce public spending, says Skjæran.

He points out that one of the reasons why the government has halted many major construction projects is the rising cost of construction materials and logistics challenges.

There is war in Europe, and we spend a lot of money on the armed forces and refugees from Ukraine. In addition, we have received higher prices for electricity, thus necessitating additional support for homes. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that we can use to reduce pressure on interest rates.

SV's Energy and Environmental Policy Spokesman Lars Haltbrekken.

Budget partner

Photo: Christian Scardelsmo / NRK

No. “Ruskan Operation” From SV

The government does not have a majority in Sporting and will negotiate with the SV at the end of May to get a majority for the budget. But to save the project SV. Representative Lars Haldbrucken warns that he will not fight.

– Since the revelation is true, I can say that we will not prioritize securing these funds in the revised fund. I’m so tired of the Labor Party coming to us to clean them up, says Holtbrecken AddressCivisen.

– We are not a “rascal move” for the Labor government, he adds.

The government’s decision has drawn criticism from working-class organizations such as the LO, NHO and Tekna.

– Here, Tekna leader Lars Olav Grøvik told the NTB yesterday that the government is setting its own ambitions with renewable energy production, exports and the development of maritime industries and companies across the ocean.

Olav Bolland, dean of NTNU’s Faculty of Engineering, believes the postponement will be a nail in the coffin of the entire Maritime Space Center.

– Resolving this in two years is a difficult and comprehensive task. It will not be easy. It also depends on the willingness to fund this development in 2-3 years, and today we know nothing about it, says Poland that the postponement will cost “several hundred million kroner”.

Stopped several projects

Prime Minister Jonas Kardashian (Labor) says he is a “burning supporter” of the Ocean Space Center and wants it implemented.

– But at the same time we have said that large public construction projects have shown a common feature in recent years. They are cracking, very expensive, and have cost control challenges. He then told the NDP yesterday that it would be mostly prudent to take a foot on the ground and reconsider it.

The Honorary Building in Trondheim was not the only one to be postponed when the government’s proposal for a revised national budget came up yesterday.

Two buildings will be abandoned during Phase 3 of the new government quarter to save 4-5 billion kroner. At the same time, the cost of building the new Viking Age Museum in Pygmouth, Oslo, should be reduced by NOK 1 billion.