Business, Consumer | The Consumer Council rages over Claes Olsson: – Nonsense

Business, Consumer |  The Consumer Council rages over Claes Olsson: – Nonsense

[Nettavisen] On Tuesday evening, the Consumer Council published a test of stick blenders from a number of manufacturers. The test winner was one from the supplier Braun.

At the other end of the scale, as the clear test loser, you will find two Tristar brand blenders, but also one from Clas Ohlson. And these products are really gaining momentum.

Three of the hand blenders we tested are of such low quality that they could actually be classified as rubbish, because they were damaged before testing was even finished. Neither Clas Ohlson’s Coline 44-3123 nor the two Tristar models passed our durability test and were faulty upon completion of testing, the Consumer Council wrote.

Read Claas Olsson’s comments on criticism in the article. Netavisen has contacted Tristar, however Failed to get comment.

– step away

They then follow up by writing directly that they recommend staying away from these products.

Making poor quality products harms the environment and hurts our wallets. We expect more from serious manufacturers than this, says Gunstein Instefjord, head of consumer policy at the Consumer Council.

In the test conducted by the Consumer Council, 12 different products were tested and clearly emphasized sustainability.

– In anticipation of tougher and better regulations With more stringent requirements for quality, repairability and durability, it is important for the industry to take responsibility. They should be more careful about the products they include in their range, in this way ensuring that you, the consumer, will get products that last, Instefjord writes.

To Nettavisen, Instefjord writes that it is impossible to know which products meet the goal and which do not just by seeing them in the store. Instead, he recommends doing research and reading tests like the one from the Consumer Council before you shop.

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– Norway ranks first in the world in the disposal of electrical waste, and when we test useless products before the testing is completed, they should be classified as rubbish, and they should not be on store shelves. Also, remember that if a product doesn’t work as it should, or breaks quickly, you have the right to get a repair, a new product, or your money back.

Claes Olsson apologizes

According to press contact Clas Ohlson, Anders Wahl wrote in an email to Nettavisen that they were apologizing for him.

– We take Consumer Council testing of stick blenders very seriously. We are really sorry that the products did not pass the test. Our technicians at our head office in Sweden are now reviewing test results to see what improvements we can make, Wall writes.

He further writes that the product has a five-year warranty.

Customers affected by problems can contact their local dealers or customer service by phone or email, he writes.

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