business, shop | The founder’s regular bets on clothes and shoes: – We’re going to be big

business, shop |  The founder’s regular bets on clothes and shoes: – We’re going to be big

(The newspaper online): founder normal It was started by Michael Egg and the entrepreneurial factory Askeladden & Co Brand new yellow series.

He writes business today

Yellow will sell well-known clothing and footwear brands at low prices – inspired by foreign successes such as Brands For Less, Dress For Less and TJ Maxx.

According to the newspaper, this is the project that Normal’s founder has been working on since he left the success of Normal Store in 2021. He now believes in sales in the billions.

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– going for billions in sales

– Many players are sitting on large stocks of surplus goods. This could be last year’s models, mass production, or goods exported to other low-cost markets outside of Europe. With Yellow, we’re taking “Normal” into the apparel industry, says Eeg to Dagens Næringsliv.

Among others, Normal has two stores in Bodø and one in Fauske.

On opening day, the store in Kristiansand sold clothes and shoes for more than 1 million kroner.

– It’s a clear record for us. The start was absolutely crazy, Martin Schott in Askeladen tells the paper.

By 2024, the goal is to exceed 10 stores. During the fall, they’ll probably open three or four new stores.

The plan is to capture the market in the rest of the Nordic region, but Ige believes the concept will work in all countries.

“We’re going to be a big company, very big, and aim for billions in sales,” says Egg.

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