celebrity paradise | You will win “heaven” to have children: – You have to have some money

celebrity paradise |  You will win "heaven" to have children: - You have to have some money

The first season of this year The new “heaven” concept This week is entering its sixth week, and there is no doubt that this year’s season will continue to surprise both of them Discussions, quarrels and drama.

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On Tuesday, a new entrant will check-in at the resort in sunny Mexico, Bergen resident Nicholas Suarez Falcliffe (27). He told Nettavisen that he is looking forward to finally having some fun on TV after a long wait.

– I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m so ready to watch it on TV. Only my boss, mom, dad, and friend know I was there, but people might have a little idea I was there, so now it would be a good idea to get started, Valcliffe tells Nettavisen today.

He will win in having children

Although the new “paradise” has a different focus on partying and fullness, this year’s entrants still offer surprises. One of them is Valcliffe who checks into the hotel with a slightly different purpose than the other participants. He scored to win the cash prize of 500,000 kroner to spend on something very special.

He and his ten-year-old girlfriend dream of having children, and they want to spend money on it.

– Now all my friends are starting to have children and you can see what joy it gives and what a blessing it is to be able to go on with their ‘private lives’. We’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve been saying all the time that I want to do it before I’m 32, so that’s the point.

But the road to the baby is long and no less expensive. The couple wants to have children through surrogacy, hence there are many expenses that the couple must incur because surrogacy is illegal and a controversial topic in this country.

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Winning would be a big step towards having children, because it is very expensive. You have to pay the agency, the agency that carries the baby for you and for the egg, so you should have some money, says Valcliffe.


  • Surrogacy means that a woman bears a child, which is delivered after birth to those who will be the legal parents of the child.
  • The surrogate may be the child’s genetic mother (traditional surrogacy), or she may be carrying one Babysitter From another fertilized woman an egg (gestational surrogacy). This is the last form that is often referred to when talking about surrogacy today.

  • Surrogacy is illegal in Norway, meaning that Children’s Law It states: “The agreement on the birth of a child to another woman is not binding.” in Biotechnology Law She says that “fertilized eggs can only be inserted into the uterus of the woman who will be the mother of the child.”

  • Authorities also advise against Norwegians entering into surrogacy agreements abroad, but doing so is not against the law. Ukraine and the USA were among the most common countries that Norwegians go to.
  • Some of the arguments used by opponents of surrogacy are that there is a risk that children become objects of purchase and sale, and that surrogacy involves a risk to the surrogacy and her health. Some also believe that for the best interest of the child, the principle that the person who gives birth to the child should not be violated.
  • There are no figures on how many Norwegian children are born via surrogacy, but according to Store norske leksikon, there are several hundred.

source: The great Norwegian encyclopediaAnd the NRKAnd the Bouddere, the government

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Falcliffe says he follows the many couples on social media who are taking drastic measures to have children through surrogacy, and that many sacrifice both one and the other just to be able to make ends meet.

– I see that people are selling their apartments so that they can buy them. If we have to sell the apartment, so be it, but I’d rather avoid it.

It is unfair that there are no easy alternatives

As mentioned, surrogacy is illegal in Norway. As recently as 2017, the government agreed that surrogacy should not be allowed, in addition to what it called an “unethically acceptable act”. So many choose to travel to other countries to have children through surrogacy.

Falcliffe believes it is unfair that it is still not easy for gay couples to have children in Norway, especially since sperm donation and assisted reproduction are legal.

– That’s so stupid and unfair. They make it very difficult for us. Now that gays are allowed to marry in the church, why can’t we be able to have children, too? Why should it be so difficult? asks himself.

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Consistently mentioned surrogates are adoptive or adoptive parents, and Falcliffe says that although he and his girlfriend have agreed they want surrogacy, adoption isn’t entirely ruled out.

– Adoption is also a very long process and you have to go through a lot in order to be allowed to adopt. It can take up to three to five years quickly.

– But if surrogacy doesn’t work for us, of course we want to give a better life to a child who might not be well. So adoption is not entirely out of the picture.

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Falcliffe thinks it’s good for lesbian couples and single women to get the chance to become fathers by donating sperm in this country, but he thinks as he mentioned it’s sad that it’s so hard for men.

– I’m not asking for Norwegian women to be surrogate mothers, although of course it would have been a nice thing there and. But I was hoping that an agency would be set up in Norway, so you could do the whole process here, instead of having to travel to different countries.

They want children to be siblings

For Falcliffe and his girlfriend, the process is barely underway, although they have talked about having children for a long time. The 27-year-old says he and his girlfriend have been discussing their surrogates for some time, but the desire to have their child is the highest, so they landed on surrogacy.

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So far, they have not decided on an agency. They smell at an agency in Tel Aviv, but nothing is certain. Nor anywhere in the world would they not want the child to be carried forward. However, there is one thing they agree on, which is the number of eggs and where they want it.

– We planned that we would want two of us, one from him and one from me, but the eggs from the same donor. Then they want the same mother, and to be brothers, he says and continues:

– I’m also half Chilean, so I want the egg to come from South America and my friend agreed, too.

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