Cold wave on its way to eastern Norway: Great demand for heaters and firewood

Cold wave on its way to eastern Norway: Great demand for heaters and firewood

People in Oslo are preparing for a snowy weekend.

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Friday and the weekend will be cooler in many parts of the country. Especially in eastern Norway.

It will drop to minus 26 degrees in Oslo. Cold enough to break the record.

If you forgot to buy a heater, it will be difficult to get hold of one if you look in the center of Oslo.

– Absolutely insane sales and huge demand, says Stian Breen, store manager at Klaus Olsen in Torkata.

Most of the cupboards where free heaters should be are completely empty.

– We had a few left this morning, but they quickly disappeared, says Breen.

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Maybe minus 26

Many parts of the country will experience severe cold on Friday and the weekend. It is very cold in the interior of eastern Norway

– If it gets too cold in Oslo it could drop to minus 26, says Marit Berger, meteorologist on duty.

Cold and nice: With freezing temperatures come blue skies and sun.  Bright sunshine is expected in Oslo this weekend.

In areas like Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen it will be below minus 30 degrees.

– There will be big variations. People who live in valleys tend to be cooler than those who live at higher elevations, says Berger.

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300 percent increase

Heaters are in high demand throughout Oslo. In Klaus Olsen, all the shops are completely empty.

– There is a clear effect of cold weather. In the last two days, sales have increased by 300 percent compared to the same days last year, says journalist Anders Wall.

In Power Company too, sales of heaters have increased significantly. In Oslo, the demand is twice that of the rest of the country.

– The main focus is on portable heating, but we're seeing customers looking for heating blankets and other forms of heating, says press officer Elizabeth Gill.

Many people want firewood

Electric heating wasn't the only thing selling well at this time. Firewood is also being sold.

– There was already more demand than usual during Christmas. Now it's at a higher level than before, says Svenung Skjesol at Oslo Wetsentral.

Cold: It is said to be cold in eastern Norway and many people make sure they have enough firewood.

Osmond Andersen at Oslo Vedandale notes that many people prefer to shoot with wood.

– Demand is high. “We run at full capacity from morning to night,” says Anderson.

Usually the weeks after Christmas and New Years are quiet. Anderson says people have little money left after the celebrations.

– But when it's really cold, people make sure they don't run out of wood, says Anderson.

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