Commander, Valg2023 | The choice is between Gunnar Wilhelmsen and bourgeois anarchy

Commander, Valg2023 |  The choice is between Gunnar Wilhelmsen and bourgeois anarchy

boss This is a leader. The editor expresses the newspaper’s position.

Tromsø has taken steps in the right direction since 2019. The municipal economy is under control. An urban growth agreement was concluded with the state. It gives the city new transportation solutions and contributes to environmentally friendly development.

This is an agreement that can and should certainly be improved, and the important thing is that it is finally implemented. Tromsø can continue to develop what are some of the best public transport services in the country, with low prices and high frequency of departures.

The past four years have been marked by Covid-19. It was a test that the political leadership passed with great effort and good organization from municipal employees, health workers and volunteers.

The fact that the country is now committed to contributing to the Nordic Museum, Concert Hall and Contemporary Cultural Quarter in Tromsø is crucial for the Arctic capital to remain an attractive city. This provides great opportunities for experiences for residents, but also for tourism.

The right has supported good future projects that have already been approved. But we fear a repeat of the positive development in Tromsø, if the Conservative Party leans against the stabilization plan, which is characterized by a dogmatic vision of important local social areas such as culture and transport.

When the Conservative Party is unable, before the elections, to provide an answer to what it wants to negotiate, this opens the door to activating the decisions that have been made. This weakens Hoyer’s credibility as a predictable ruling party in Tromsø.

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Høyre and Frp can offer flexible solutions in social welfare policy while making room for private actors. This is positive for diversity, as the threat it poses to strong public services is exaggerated by the left.

At the same time, it should be fair to expect more from Gunnar Wilhelmsen. The villages and regions were not seen or heard well enough.

We lack a targeted strategic commitment to facilitate new military activity in Tromsø. There is very little work being done to integrate immigrants into working life, so that they can use their skills. This is how Tromsø can lose precious manpower.

We also call for stronger measures to achieve equality in living conditions. Those who notice the age of animals we live in most receive little attention.

You cannot continue to raise fees and rates for municipal services without understanding that it affects those who have the least. The construction of social housing in Tromsø is proceeding very slowly. Many young people are forced to leave the city because they cannot afford to put down roots here.

However, Gunnar Wilhelmsen emerges with a clear plan and a mayor who has done a good job for Tromsø. The best option for safe governance of the city is to allow it to continue for another four years.

But it needs support from other parties. Tromsø will have the best policy if Wilhelmsen and AB form a majority without Roodt, but with SV, Center Party, MDG and Venstre.

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