Consumer, Gardermoen | Double the price at Gardermoen: – These are very poor prices

Consumer, Gardermoen |  Double the price at Gardermoen: – These are very poor prices

(electronic newspaper): Sarah Bransfjell, 37, stops at the kiosk in Gardermoen before boarding a flight to Alaska.

– I bought a bottle of Bris and gum for NOK 75. “I think it’s very expensive,” says Bransville.

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Bransvigil travels with Jenny Valceth (34).

– They can take whatever price they want here, and you have no alternative, you say.

Drinks and foods with a liquid consistency such as yoghurt are not allowed through the security check. Therefore this cannot be purchased in a store before undergoing a security check.

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– You have to buy drinks here if you need to, you don’t have a choice, says Valseth.

Check price for 20 pieces

Nettavisen has checked the prices of typical items you want to shop for when you are out on a trip. The check shows that the prices are three times what you would have to pay in a regular store. We also compared prices with Narvesen in the center of Oslo. There, too, Gardermoen obviously comes out more expensive.

Some items stand out in particular:

Amsdal bottle 0.65 liter

  • Gardermoen: 45.00
  • Oslo Kiwi S: 19.90

Litago chocolate milk 0.5 liter

  • Gardermoen: 37.00
  • Oslo Kiwi S: 15.90

Lypsyl lip balm

  • Gardermoen: 69.00
  • Oslo Kiwi S: 27.40

Freya milk chocolate

  • Gardermoen: 75.00.0000
  • Oslo Kiwi S: 39.90

We found the biggest difference in price on Go’ Morgen Yoghurt.

  • Gardermoen: 31.00
  • Oslo Kiwi S: 10.90

Three times the cost

So Go’ Morgen’s yogurt costs three times as much at a stall in Gardermoen as it does at Kiwi in Oslo S.

– I know it’s more expensive at airports, but these are pretty sick prices, says Ann Haugen (25) from Tromsø.

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A box of lozenges will cost NOK 28 at Gardermoen, while they cost NOK 16 at Kiwi in Oslo S.

Exactly, about twice the price, says Haugen.

Gardermoen vs Kiwi (Oslo S) price difference

item/store Kiosk (outdoor section next to electronics) Kiwi (Oslo S) difference
Smash 200 grams 128.00 39.90 88.10
Sourlands Chips Fresh Cream 195 Gm 91.65 29.90 61.75
Go ‘morning yogurt’ 31.00 10.90 20.10
Lipsil original 69.00 27.40 41.60
Twist (330g) 155.00 64.90 90.10
Litago chocolate milk 0.5 liter 37.00 15.90 21.10
Emsdal (0.65 liter) 45.00 19.90 25.10
Colgate toothbrush 49.00 21.90 27.10
smiling 39.00 17.90 21.10
Ifa lozenges 28.00 13.40 14.60
collar 98.00 49.00 49.00
Emsdal (0.5 liter) 34.00 17.40 16.60
Chew extra mint gum 27.00 13.90 13.10
M chocolate 180 gm 63.31 32.90 30,41
Freya Milk Chocolate (200g) 75.00 39.90 35.10
Coca-Cola with Sugar (0.5 Liter) 37.00 19.90 17.10
Quick aqua resistant plaster ointment 55.00 29.90 25.10
Coca-Cola without sugar (0.5 liter) 37.00 20.90 16.10
Eucalyptus dent 28.00 16.90 11.10
Pepsi Max (0.5 L) 37.00 22.90 14.10
sum 1163.96 525.60 638.36
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Smash and M and Sørlandschips: Here the price is converted to the store size

Measurement matters

The kiosk at the airport sells a number of items in different sizes than what you’re used to from a store. This can make it difficult to discover how much the item actually costs.

For example, a bag of M chocolates sells for 51.00 at the airport, while at Kiwi it sells for 32.90. But the bag in Kiwi is much larger, and the price per kilogram is already double at the airport.

Same goes for the bag of Sourland chips. It costs 47.00 at the airport, while it costs 29.90 at Kiwi. In addition, the bag in Kiwi is almost twice the size of a bag. The price per kilogram is more than three times higher.

More expensive than in town

Avinor says their prices should match those of the stalls in Oslo. But here too, Nettavisen’s price check indicates that a little bit of price has been added. Random sampling of ten commodities shows that many commodities are between 10 and 20 per cent more expensive in Gardermoen than in Narvesen in Oslo S. The largest difference in prices for these commodities was:

Freya milk chocolate

  • Gardermoen: 75.00.0000
  • Narvesen in Oslo S: 63.40

teddy bears

  • Gardermoen: 56.00
  • Narvesen in Oslo S: 50.00

Emsdal (0.65 liter)

  • Gardermoen: 45.00
  • Narvesen in Oslo S: 40.00

Gardermoen and Narvesen price difference

purpose Gardermoen Narvesen (Oslo S) difference
Freya Milk Chocolate (200 Grams) 75.00 63.00 12.00
teddy bear 115 gr 56.00 50.00 6.00
Emsdal (0.65 liter) 45.00 40.00 5.00
Go ‘morning yogurt’ 31.00 26.00 5.00
Emsdal (0.5 liter) 34.00 30.00 4.00
Sniva orange juice 0.5 liter 35.00 31.00 4.00
Smash 100 grams 64.00 60.00 4.00
smiling 39.00 36.00 3.00
Litago chocolate milk 0.5 liter 37.00 34.00 3.00
Pepsi Max (0.5 L) 37.00 35.00 2.00
sum 453.00 405.00 48.00
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Avinor: – We’ll follow up on this

The price test results mean that Avinor will now be pursuing further. Avinor is in charge of the show at the airport, and Avinor is the one who makes the agreements with those who are allowed to operate the kiosks and restaurants at the airport.

Avenor has stated that it places several demands on its tenants to ensure that prices are not higher at the airport than a similar off-airport concept.

– The kiosk at Oslo Airport, no matter which brand operates it, should be similar to one of the large chains of kiosks in Oslo, says Avinor station manager Iskra Skarm to Nettavisen.

And she adds:

– We think the comparison with the kiwi is quite to the side.

But for a bottle of Imsdal, the price in Gardermoen is much higher than in both Kiwi and Narvensen.

– Why should water be so much more expensive with you?

– Our contracts make it clear that prices should not initially differ from the same concept outside the airport. We are following this up with all of our tenants. We’ll also follow this up in this case, Skram says.

– Go’Morgen yoghurt, Litago and orange juice are also items you’re not allowed to take through the security check – and they’re expensive compared to both Kiwi and Narvisen. Do you set a very high price for items that you know people can’t bring to the airport?

– Avinor does not have the opportunity to control renter rates due to market and competition regulations. Skram says we can only follow up and place orders to get competitive prices with respect to the market and similar concepts otherwise. These are the terms that are also regulated in the contracts that Avinor has with its tenants.

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– NOK 75 for Freya’s milk chocolate is much more expensive than both Narvesen and Kiwi. Do you think it’s a good price?

Prices are set by the company itself, although we try to influence through contracts. It’s also the case that, just like everywhere else in the community, prices vary from chain to chain and store to store. The chocolate, which you mentioned, for example, is much cheaper in Duty Free. There it costs NOK 39 and you also get 50g of chocolate in the package, says Skram.

Obviously, they will follow the results of Nettavisen’s price test.

– We will follow the example with a comparison with Narvesen. Comparing with Kiwi is completely off the point, the kiosk has no chance of competing with a lower priced chain owned by market leader Norgesgruppen.

Busy delivering

The ‘Point’ booth in Gardermoen, on which the Nettavisen price was tested, is operated by SSP.

“Otherwise, we believe it is not appropriate to compare prices at a kiosk at the airport against a lower-priced grocery chain,” the company writes in an e-mail.

Nettavisen also asked the company to comment that their booth in Gardermoen is significantly more expensive than the Narvesen booth we examined in Oslo S.

– We are very dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible value. To ensure we are as competitive as possible, we regularly benchmark ourselves against similar concepts in the city centre. This is also part of our contractual obligation to Avinor, the company wrote.

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