Corona, health | Do you buy this? – I was asked if I had more

Corona, health |  Do you buy this?  - I was asked if I had more

The guy from Kristiansund wanted to spread some humor at a difficult time.

all over the country

(traditional knowledge) On New Year’s Eve 2021, shoemaker Roy Knutshaug posted a photo of a positive coronavirus test on the “Buy-sell-give away Kristiansund omeng” sales page. Next to the photo was the sales text:

“Positive Covid tests are selling for those who can’t stand work on Monday. Sold at a nice 475 – a piece. For your part, contact me on PM ».

The post was noticed and managed to get 383 likes before the group admin deleted it.

– He was removed from the group due to reporting. The official said that “health products” could not be sold, he says with a smile.

Humor in everyday life

The post is clearly a joke. There are no positive aura tests for sale.

– I think it’s important to have a little humor in things. Today’s society takes things seriously all the time, and conversations about and about Covid are a bombshell no matter who you talk to. People have many different opinions about vaccination and what should and what to do … So I understood that this would have positive and negative reactions, Knochaug tells Teddens Kraf.

Many people may be wondering: Did you receive any good offers from the various group members?

– I got a message asking if I had more, but it was supposed to be a joke, he answered.

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You don’t have corona

It must also be emphasized that Knoschwaug does not have corona and that the test in the photo he posted is not his rapid test.

– I found the photo on the Internet, jokingly reveals it.

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