Crimea, center | Flown a drone during a boat trip – crashed into an Oslo ferry

Crimea, center |  Flown a drone during a boat trip – crashed into an Oslo ferry

Police arrested a foreign national in his early 30s on Saturday afternoon and detained him after he flew a drone inside the city's no-fly zone.

The pilot is said to have been on the Oslo ferry departing from Hovidhoya and, among other things, directed the drone around the windows of the wheelhouse on the ferry.

-Anders Prescoden, a police duty lawyer, told Avissa Oslo that the drone collided with the ferry.

He added that the drone was not found, but the police confiscated other equipment belonging to the drone.

The police lawyer said the man, who is in his early 30s, would be brought in for questioning on Sunday if he wished.

No decision had been made Saturday on whether the man would be fined. He is accused of violating Article 14 of the Aviation Act, which stipulates provisions regarding flying drones, as well as violating Oslo's flight restrictions.

Police prosecutor Briscoden does not want to say which country the man is from.

He says: We want to ask him about the purpose of his visit to Norway.

After questioning and any summons, police must assess whether the man should also be deported.

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