Cross-country skiing: That’s why she doesn’t do it like everyone else

Cross-country skiing: That’s why she doesn’t do it like everyone else

The 22-year-old from Conrod is a rarity in the ski community. Sunglasses on cross-country skiers have become as popular as skis and poles, and racers usually aren’t averse to showing them off either.

Most of them also wear a hat and headband. But not Bergan. She only does it if she has to.

-I usually wear a hat or headband, but today it was hot. I was actually a bit surprised that more people didn’t go without it. I never wear a headband if the temperatures are high. I feel so hot. “My head was completely boiling today and I,” Bergan tells NTB.

-And we almost didn’t see you with glasses?

-I don’t like to wear glasses, unless it’s snowing a lot or the sun is intense. I usually don’t agree with that.

– Have you always done it this way?

– I’m not accustomed to doing that except when absolutely necessary.

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Is it disgusting to wear glasses?

-I think I look better without sunglasses than with her. As it stands today, it’s better without him. But it is true that you say that the vast majority wear glasses. It’s not something I’ve thought about much. Not many people have asked me why I don’t do it too.

Bergan was unlucky to change skis during Saturday’s figure skating competition during the water trial session and may have lost a minute and a half because the strong binding would not be included in the results. In the end it was number 27.

On Sunday, she placed 10th in the 10K Classic.

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