It is the rules issued by the government body Transportstyrelsen that prevent Tesla from accessing the registration plates of new cars that represent the background, writes Dagens Industri.

– This confiscation of license plates constitutes a discriminatory attack directed at Tesla with absolutely no support in law, the company wrote in the lawsuit delivered to the Norrköping District Court on Monday.

The lawsuit follows a strike among workers at Tesla’s workshops and service departments in Sweden to protest employees being denied collective agreements.

As a result of the strike, Tesla was prevented from obtaining new registration plates. Compassionate actions from two labor unions led to a Tesla mail delivery blockade. According to the Swedish Transport Agency, current regulations mean that registration plates cannot be distributed in any other way than via Postnord, where there is a sympathy strike.

Tesla is asking that the district court give the company the opportunity to collect the tags itself from the manufacturer while the case is being processed in court.

The Swedish transport agency told TT that they have not yet seen the lawsuit filed by Tesla.

– We can only refer to the information provided in the media so far, and we have not seen the court documents, says press director Mikael Andersson to TT.

-We don’t really know how they argue or think, but of course we will look at it and respond from our side.

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