David Beckham is in Norway

David Beckham is in Norway

Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/NTB

Global superstar David Beckham is said to have been on a fishing trip in Laerdal, but why is the local village keeping it a secret?

I mentioned Monday TV 2 And Parish newspaper David Beckham lives in Norway, specifically in Laerdal, which has a population of 2,000 people.

To fish in Lærdalselvi – the “King’s River”!

King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon have hunted there several times.

King Harald was photographed on the Lørdalselvi River, known as one of Norway's best salmon rivers, according to Norski Lexicon.

Sogen Avis wrote that one of their journalists saw Beckham. Close up in a private garden.

But they have no photographic evidence.

“No one in Lærdal is gossiping about David Beckham,” Arve Uglum wrote in a comment to Sogn Avis.

– Why is that, Arvi Oglum?

– This means that you can call anyone in Lærdal, and no one will tell you anything about the royalty or celebrities who are there. There is a common opinion in Lærdal that they should be left alone, says the editor in charge of VG.

-We don't work or take paparazzi photos unless they offer something important. The only thing that matters about Beckham in this context is that he is a celebrity, he says, adding:

– Maybe if we had gotten a picture of him on the riverbank, it would have been different. But taking a picture of him in the park, which is private property, is something we don't do with others. Not with David Beckham either.

“For over a hundred years, royal doctors and other celebrities have been coming to Laerdal to fish, and the entire valley has been trained to leave them alone. It is a bad folk custom to bother such people,” Oglom wrote in his caption.

In the nearby village of Ardal, Jarl Moheim saw nothing of the former Manchester United star.

Moheim – known from the TV 2 beat “Alt for Årdal” – is big United supporter and has met Beckham several times. But not in Norway.

-I've met him three or four times before. I met him in training, before the match and in the mall.

Younger David Beckham and Jarl Moheim pictured in the team. Image: private

– how did you find it?

– It was a great idea. I once told him he was going to become England captain. Then he laughed and couldn't believe it. He was young at the time, Moheim tells VG.

The protagonist himself was quiet about his trip to Norway.

The Englishman, who has more than 88 million followers on Instagram, posted one photo last week. Lionel then congratulated Messi on his day.

From the archives: 2005 was the last time David Beckham's presence in Norway was documented in photographs. Here he is in a duel with Daniel Brathen in the Champions League match between Rosenborg and Real Madrid in Lerkendal. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

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