Debate, Reader Participation | Politicians have pushed the world towards total collapse for 50 years

Debate, Reader Participation |  Politicians have pushed the world towards total collapse for 50 years

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In my youth I had the pleasure of studying at the University of Mannheim under Prof. Dr. Kurtzfleich. He helped develop and start the first model of how the world could evolve. I became very interested in this and eventually became his assistant.

They gathered 200 of the best scientists from around the world and created the Club of Rome. They published the first climate report MIT 1 around 1970. In this report it was shown that the global temperature will gradually rise to a crisis in the year 2080. The curves showed that the world population will rise to 12 billion. Emissions, for example, of carbon dioxide, methane, and many other things would lead to heating and a complete collapse of the globe. The global temperature (the globe’s average for an entire year) will increase by several degrees. The influx of refugees will reach several billions, not as now with a few tens of millions, even if we cannot deal with it in an adequate way! The population curve of the model will collapse and drop from 12 billion to 1 billion in one year!

This is a very bleak and terrible read. At the time, many university environments criticized the report. They had insufficient faith that humanity would adapt, as they claimed, among other things.

The Roma club took the consequences of criticism and met again two years later. They reviewed the entire simulation model, all assumptions and connections again, and added optimism on behalf of “good climate thinking people and political leadership in the world at all levels.”

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They pressed the button again, and the curves came out of the computer: What do you think happened? Think about it before you continue reading.

Yes, the population grew rapidly as in the first model. Temperature grew almost rapidly, heat and heat increased, large landslides – severe weather – hurricanes – floods – fires and non-human heat waves increased. What happened to humanity? In the positivist model, the world collapsed in the same way as in the first case, only 10 years later, that is, the result of the model in 2090! Another 70 years have passed!

There are now 2,800 scientists around the world working on the United Nations Climate Panel, and they publish their dismal report every year.

Their scenario shows a collapse around the year 2100, but it’s now going partly faster than they expected, if we didn’t start massive climate action around the world. It is that every country, every province, every municipality and every individual must start today to think about how everyone can contribute to reducing climate emissions. This is the only important and politically interesting question today.

Imagine the captain of a large ship heading to land, causing a disaster, and the ship is destroyed and sinks. Will he then be allowed to continue or will he be fired? World politicians have been leading the world towards total collapse for 50 years.

We’ve known this for 50 years! Were politicians fired or re-elected as if nothing had happened?

So, dear voters: This summer’s heat records are just a modest prediction!

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