Dill Pickle Chips – A Delight in Modernity:

Dill Pickle Chips – A Delight in Modernity:

It's time for the first and biggest grocery sale of the year, with more than a thousand new food items hitting stores.

We've already got a few drops, like Erling Braut Haaland ice cream And Linnéa Myhre's new solo collaboration, which we expect will have legs to walk on – when they arrive in stores. We still have a few weeks to go, but some products have already crept onto store shelves.

Perhaps the first product news we got this year is also one that will divide people the most: dill pickle-flavored potato chips.

Of course we had to taste.

In short, dill pickles are a type of pickle. The cucumbers are obviously dill pickles, but in general, this is a saltier and more sour type of pickle that is more common here at home. Dill pickles are also made from a medium-sized cucumber, often whole, preferably cut into sticks rather than slices.

If you want to dive deeper into pickle varieties, we can recommend them Wikipedia for a decent overviewAnd Daily meal He has a nice explanation of dill vs. bread and butter pickles. The latter is the most common version in Norway.

On trend or out of date

Pickles are a trend that never seems to go away. Pickles, and the leaf in them, have been haunting our Instagram and TikTok feeds, after all, since long before the pandemic.

Mention in passing: Pickle juice, or pickle juice, has long been in the trend picture, in countless ways. Pickles, pickles, martini pickles, and ice cream pickles.

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We should also never forget last year's #hotpickle trend, which combines two powerful trends (pun intended).

Courtesy of the entire range

The editors went into this trial knowing that it would be impossible to reach consensus here. As for pickles, they're a classic love-hate food, although not as divisive as, say, cilantro or anchovies. Dill is also quite divisive, though not noticeably so.

This bag of potato chips appealed to everyone, and here there were many gray areas, and as many opinions as there were people. It's easy to agree on what we taste, but a little harder to agree on whether we like it or not.

The chips are relatively small, thin, and crunchy and have a slightly rustic appearance with some crust on the edge.

There is a distinct smell of both dill and vinegar when we open the bag, and the first flavor that hits us is dill. Nothing to think about, except the taste of dill in the middle of the slice.

It doesn't take long before the pickle takes over. And this taste sticks so well, what starts out as dill pickles ends up like a real little pickle party. There is a lot of vinegar here.

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-I don't like pickles, but I liked this.

– Maybe this person is more concerned with things than with himself?

The suggestion of putting these chips in a burger, for a little pickle flavor – and crunch – is immediately taken into consideration. The same applies to crushing potato chips and using them as a breading on fish.

We also like to dip them in good sour cream or yogurt. Maybe a fancy variant with sour cream and roe? You understand where we want to go.

Rolling the dice on this is difficult, because here there will be divided opinions. Because while some people's mouths water when they hear the word pickle, the mere thought of it induces vomiting for others.

If you identify mostly with the latter, just stay away. But if you're more on the fence, it might happen. Many who weren't too keen on the pickles even ate until the bag was empty.

Thin and crispy chips
Tastes as promised
Enjoy new flavors
Hits the middle of the pickle trend

A somewhat divisive taste, many people want to eat this for something, not for themselves

We appreciate that the manufacturer is trying something new, and that they deliver what they promise. However, not everything is true, perhaps especially since the vast majority thought this would be better for something, not themselves.

Provided that those who fixed the dice roll like pickles, this lands on five moderators.

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