Donald Trump – ’embarrassing’ photos are going viral

Donald Trump – ’embarrassing’ photos are going viral

It is known that Donald Trump loves golf. The former US president owns many training courses in the United States and participated in this sport through championships and statements.

But even if there is interest, it does not mean that you advance on the golf course. He has previously stated that he has a handicap of three, which means he will normally use three putts at par on the course.

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A golf handicap is a measure of a players playing skill.

Now a video is circulating on Twitter showing Trump completely missing.

At his golf club in Los Angeles, Trump stood close to the green, but one can safely say the shot wasn’t much to brag about. The ball disappeared to the right, falling farther from the hole than it had been before the stroke.

– It’s too right-wing – even for the most conservative Republicans, he writes New York Post.

At the time of writing, the video has over 2.3 million views.

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