Easter Egg Kids: Charlotte Gets the Reference:

Easter Egg Kids: Charlotte Gets the Reference:

Easter is in full swing, and as per tradition, many children around the world are getting Easter eggs with snacks and sweets.

But in the midst of the Easter joy and sweets, 27-year-old Charlotte Dearing from Manchester elicits reactions:

-I don't buy Easter eggs for kids. It's a waste of money, she says in a video that has gone viral Tik Tok These days.


  • The youngsters' mother Charlotte has caused backlash by not buying Easter eggs for the children every year
  • This led to many negative comments, but followers misunderstood the statement
  • Charlotte also buys Easter campaigns for sale
  • Many followers praise her savings tricks and normalize thrift store shopping

– Oh my

Many of them took to the comments section following the stunning statement. Many are calling the mother of young children petty, even going so far as to say it is “heartbreaking” to deprive children of Easter eggs.

– Oh my. Imagine depriving a young child of that joy, and one of his followers becomes angry.

– This is the worst I've ever heard, writes another.

However, others write that it's completely normal not to give children Easter eggs and Christmas stockings, and say it's all just a shopping trick:

– Support this one hundred percent. It'll be like Halloween and Valentine's Day, just so we can get over ourselves, one follower commented.

Saving Money: Many apps are now sold as subscriptions, but if you no longer use them, you should remember to cancel the subscription. Video: Embla Hjort-Larsen / Storyblocks.
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turn around

The Easter egg rejection debate simmered for a long time in the comments section — but then it turned out that the complainers had overlooked an important detail:

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– Follow along, then. The kids get Easter eggs, but she doesn't buy them new Every year a committed follower writes.

And to some extent it's true: The 27-year-old mother says she takes care of him same Easter egg every year – and fill it with new candy.

“It's a very easy way to save money,” says Charlotte herself.

Buy on offer

The mother of young children has been posting tips and saving tricks for several years Under “Themoneyferret” account On their social channels. There she has thousands of followers who get tips on everything from saving, meals, Christmas decorations and gifts — to laundry and other everyday things.

I buy last-minute Easter gifts from discount chains to save money. “I usually buy an Easter lamb on sale the previous year and keep it in the fridge until next Easter,” she says on TikTok.

Many followers praise her savings tricks and say they're happy to hear that more people are shopping at thrift stores more naturally.

– I am often ashamed to buy meat on sale, especially freeze it for a long time. I'm glad you shed light on the topic, writes one follower.

Others say they wish more influencers could show the real day-to-day lives that many parents of young children experience.

– I think a lot of people are aware of the pressure to buy in today's society, especially at Easter. Thank you, reads one comment.

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