Easter price war 2024 | Shopkeeper despairs: All Easter merchandise is sold out

Easter price war 2024 |  Shopkeeper despairs: All Easter merchandise is sold out

(Porsgrun Dagblad):- We have marked the mini popcorn at NOK 1.20. We've filled six cardboard boxes on the shelf, which equates to 70 sales, which should last until Easter. But everything was sold out after half the day yesterday. It's also the light cream that sells the most, says Frodi Svarstad Elverhoy, a trader at the Rima 1000 store in Hystad.

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The merchant does not hide that there are tiring days.

-It's usually a lot of fun when it's as crazy as it is right now, but we can't fill it until we find out the shelves are empty again. Now we go into the weekend in full swing. It's tiring, but at least the time flies by, says Frodi, who had just picked up his son from the hairdresser before he had to go straight back to the store.

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run out

Rema 1000 introduced rationing on several commodities that are subject to a price war. Many labels now say “maximum three” per client. This means you get a special price for three people, but you have to pay the regular price if you want more. So you should be careful not to buy too many items. In this case, Rema customers will have to pay the full price of the goods.

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Svarstad-Elverhøy says they built the store and prepared it for Easter trade, but they have already sold out of all their Easter goods.

– That's why we had to legalize. But he says it's boring for those who come on Monday to do their Easter shopping, and then we're empty of everything they might have bought.

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He points out that it is also not profitable for the store with deep price cuts.

– It's not financially pleasant, and we're not making a profit. It's a bit like this every year, but this year it's been tough.

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