Elektroforeningen: – 10 tips to reduce electricity bills

Elektroforeningen: - 10 tips to reduce electricity bills

Now it’s winter, and winter is usually a period when electricity prices are much higher than in summer.

Enova previously had a clear mandate for energy efficiency, but Climate and Environment Minister Sveinung Rotevatn was removed from the Liberal Party. Elektroforeningen expects Labor to take its message seriously that it is now the turn of ordinary people, and that Enova will once again have a clear mission in this area, says Frank Geigtens, CEO of Elektroforeningen (EFO).

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Labor went to the polls saying that it was now the turn of ordinary people. Then, one of the first things they do in government should be to tighten Enova’s measures, demanding that at least a billion kroner be directed to consumers and measures that make Norwegian homes more energy-smart.

We have prepared 10 tips that can help ordinary people lower their electricity bills in the future. Some cost nothing, while others have a cost. Enova should help cover that cost, and hopefully a new government will take over, Jaegtnes says.

10 tips from Elektroforeningen to reduce electricity bills

1. Turn off the light when leaving the room

Maybe I offer energy saving tip in the book? There’s still plenty to pick up on, especially if you live in an apartment or house that hasn’t converted to LED. Did you know that light accounts for 10% of the electric bill in the average home?

2. Close the windows when you wake up

Many people like to sleep with the window open, and it’s easy to forget to close it when you wake up. Cold drafts from an open window mean that heating takes longer and requires additional energy. Closing the window when you wake up means that less energy is needed to raise the temperature in your apartment or home.

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Shower a little shorter – or switch to a vigorous shower

Many people associate an energy-efficient showerhead with a showerhead that has almost no water coming out. Now, however, these are a lot better, so maybe a change is the thing for those of you who love to shower for a long time? Hot water heating is one of the most important sources of energy consumption in most homes.

4. Lower the internal temperature

Think about whether you want to feel the same in every room. Perhaps there are one or more rooms that do not need heating. Most people can lower their internal temperature by two degrees without exceeding their comfort level.

5.Replace old panel heaters with new ones – or use smart connectors

Old plate heaters that stand at the same number of degrees around the clock are one of the biggest energy thieves in Norwegian homes. Replacing them in new panel heaters with wifi or some other control option is something that will save a lot of people on it. Instead of letting the panel heater run all day, you can set it to be as hot as you want it to be when you’re at home, and on or off while you sleep or at work. If you don’t want to buy new panel heaters, there are also smart connectors that can be used to make old heaters smart.

6.Upgrade the thermostat in heating cables

As with panel heaters, many are equipped with heating cables that provide even heat throughout the day. Of course, these things don’t have to be while you’re at work or while you’re sleeping. With a modern thermostat, there is no problem in controlling it.

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7.Switch to modern LED lighting

By switching from old fluorescent or halogen lamps to modern LED lighting, the energy consumption of the light can be reduced by up to 90%. This makes this scale one of the most profitable energy saving measures that can be implemented in construction. Maybe a good place to start?

8. Installing solar cells on the roof

Produce your own power. Not only do you avoid buying expensive electricity, but you also avoid paying grid rent and electricity tax. Solar cells are getting much cheaper than before, and with electricity prices rising, the payback period is shorter than ever.

9. Make home energy smart

We’ve all seen Remareklamen making fun of smart homes. But you don’t need a voice-controlled juice machine to have an energy-smart building. Today, there are solutions in most price ranges that can help your apartment or home become energy efficient. Light and heat control is often the cheapest and most effective procedure. Let the control system ensure that the light and heat turn on only when needed – so you don’t have to think about it.

10. Seek help from professionals

Unsure where to start, or are you considering a major upgrade? Then you may want to ask an electrician to come in for a check up for a power review and survey.

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