Elon Musk, NATO | Tesla CEO receives heavy criticism after NATO actions

Elon Musk, NATO |  Tesla CEO receives heavy criticism after NATO actions

The message of the Tesla founder and SpaceX chief was reproduced by Russian propaganda channels such as R.T (formerly Russia Today) and Sputnik.

Musk writes in X that he is surprised that the defense alliance did not cease to exist after the end of the Cold War.

Musk's NATO statement was a response to a post by tech entrepreneur and billionaire David Sachs.

NATO faced an existential crisis when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and thus no longer had any reason to exist. “But instead of disbanding, they came up with a new goal, which is to expand,” Sachs wrote to his 824,000 followers on X on Saturday.

NATO's expansion thus created “the hostility necessary to justify the alliance's existence,” Sachs continues.

“Right,” Musk answers X.

“I have long wondered why NATO continues to exist despite the disintegration of its arch-enemy and foundation of its existence, the Warsaw Pact,” Musk writes.

The Warsaw Pact was a defensive alliance between the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies during the Cold War.

Many critics pointed out to Musk that the Warsaw Pact was founded just six years after NATO was founded. Latvian President Edgars Rinkević was among those who leveled harsh criticism at Musk.

“Dear Elon Musk. The reason behind the founding, existence and continuity of NATO is Russia and other enemies of the free world.” X.

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– Musk is on Trump's path

Civita advisor Eirik Løkke believes Musk's move is similar to former President Donald Trump's criticism of NATO.

– I interpret this as Musk following Trump’s “America First” path, Luke tells Netavicin.

Trump, who is fighting for re-election in the fall, recently said that the United States would not come to the rescue of NATO countries if those countries did not meet the so-called 2% target.

Musk's statement is part of the development he has witnessed since the comprehensive invasion of Ukraine two years ago. Contributed for the first time “But they sabotaged a lot of opportunities for Ukraine under the guise of fear of nuclear war,” Lucke says.

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Musk provided Ukraine with access to Starlink terminals shortly after the outbreak of war in February 2022. Ultimately, Musk refused Ukraine to use Starlink satellites in an actual war against Russia.

Musk also allegedly once blocked Starlink access to Ukraine for fear of nuclear war.

– Musk became friendlier with Putin during the war. Lucke says the past two years have been a complete meltdown for Musk.

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Musk with his “peace plan.”

Musk has made several startling statements regarding the war in Ukraine.

He proposed a peace plan on Twitter/X This means that Russia will gain control of the occupied Crimean Peninsula, elections will be held under UN supervision in the regions annexed by Russia (Russia will leave the regions if this is the will of the people), and Ukraine will remain neutral (and therefore excluded from any future membership in NATO). .

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– There was a lot of political shouting, to use that expression. But by now we're kind of used to this kind of weirdness from Musk, so there's a limit to how harmful this statement can be. Locke says it would have been much more damaging three years ago.

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Musk is among the most influential and successful business leaders in the world. He stands behind it as the owner of famous brands such as Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink. Musk also caused a sensation when he bought the messaging service Twitter and changed its name to X.

Musk also recently stated that there is “no chance in hell” of Putin losing the Ukraine war. The Tesla chief also said that expensive aid packages for Ukraine would only prolong the war.

Locke says Putin and Russia are using Musk as a useful piece of propaganda.

– To a very great extent. Putin and Russia are using what they can, he says, and Elon Musk isn't just anyone either.

– Do you think this kind of statement harms the Tesla, SpaceX and Løkke brands?

– Anyway, I don't think there is anything positive for brands. “I'm not sure how harmful it is,” he says.

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