Erica Norwich, MGP | A clear message to MGP-Erika and the trolls

Erica Norwich, MGP |  A clear message to MGP-Erika and the trolls

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On Saturday, there was a new semi-final at MGP, and robot Super Rob and Erika Norwich were among the lucky three to qualify.

However, it now appears that sharing has a downside for Erika. She has been in tears on social media, even going so far as to declare that she is retiring.

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The reason she's so upset seems to be because of two things: that she herself is disappointed with her performance on Saturday, and that she now has to face a storm of criticism.

I myself reviewed the song before the Dolphins final with my colleague Pál Nisjah Wilhelmsen, and we rolled the dice.

I support that.

He had to endure the reactions

I think the song is absolutely terrible, the concept is even worse – and nothing is made better by seeing it live. The theatrical presentation did not preserve anything at all.

Unfortunately, I don't think the singing was up to par either. Maybe it was a matter of nerves, which is perfectly fine, but it should be allowed to be pointed out nonetheless.

This is my opinion. A lot of people disagree with me, and that's totally fine too.

I realize it can be hard to get a lot of criticism, but Erika Norwich has to put up with this kind of backlash when she's on MGP.

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NRK's ​​responsibility

MGP is and will be a big and important music festival. Fans follow the program with great interest year after year, and it is natural for strong opinions to emerge here and there.

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I realize that sometimes there's a lot of pressure when you're in the circus, but you have to be prepared for it – or you have to leave it alone and stay home.

So I hope Erika (and others) are well informed in advance, and trained on how to participate, by NRK.

Now it is NRK's ​​responsibility to follow up and give her the support she needs.

Maria Ludvigsen

Maria Ludvigsen is SoMe director and entertainment commentator at Nettavisen. She has previously distinguished herself as a commentator on Shall We Dance, and loves to have her opinion on everything that creeps up and down in Norwegian and international entertainment.

A clear message to the trolls

However, one thing should be made clear and emphasized. Erika doesn't just face strong criticism and opinions. Hatred and incitement abound on social media.

It's amazing to see what people can bring themselves to write, and it's a shame that adults don't have better self-control.

Harassment is not something Erica or other artists should or should have to endure.

Now I really hope that everyone who spreads hate, threats, ugly and rude comments and personal attacks from time to time can take care of themselves – you need to stop immediately.

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