Escape the stadium to break free in the middle of a soccer match – VG

Escape the stadium to break free in the middle of a soccer match - VG

Andrei Carlsen celebrated his football goals by running into the stands to propose to his girlfriend the joy of the whole team and the island he lives on.


– I had a big talk with the boys in the team before the game, because this year we didn’t do as well as we thought. Then I told them I expected everyone to put in a good effort, and that this was a special match for me since I played in the team we met before, Carlsen explains to VG.

– I told the players on my team before the match that I felt I was going to score, that I had bought a ring and if I scored I would be free during the match. He adds that if I don’t score, it will be after the match, but I was really hoping it would happen during that.

full cheers

After 15 minutes of the match, the team gets a penalty and everyone thinks that Carlsen should take the penalty. He scores and joyfully runs to his girlfriend’s stands where his little brother is waiting with the ring.

Fortunately, she said yes, Carlsen laughs.

Got Yes: Andrei Carlsen ran off the field to propose to his girlfriend Johan Sorensen. Everyone at the station was surprised-

At the bottom of the field, his teammate applauds. The match is paused.

Everyone cheered, and many began to cry and held each other. It was simply unforgettable. I think it was one of the greatest moments in the history of domestic football. It was great.
The case was first mentioned in Tromso (+).

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common platform

Carlsen played football at Ringvassøy Idrettslag for six years. And through football, he met his fiancée Johan Sorensen four years ago. So the sports team has a special role in each of their lives.

– She played on this team herself and was very involved in women’s football which she was. There is also a team on a small island with a lot of supporters, so it’s possible that ten percent of those who live on the island would love to be there. It is unusual for small local clubs to have such a large fan base. People line up at 12.00 on match day and drink beer at the local pub to get ready for the match, so football means a lot to us, he explains to VG.

It is natural to include the team

So it was only natural for him to include the football club in the courtship.

It means a lot with football for both of us, so it was important to me that they were involved in this. It was also where we met, so it was only natural for me that this should be the case.

Meet Through Football: Ringvassøy Idrettslag brought Johan Sorensen and Andrei Carlsen together. Therefore, it was natural for Kalsen to take part in the courtship.

After the match, large parts of the local community celebrated.

– I gathered family and friends a little more, because I knew what was going to happen. So I forced many to come in the rain to have an epic day. After that, we went down to the local pub for 40 pieces and were treated to champagne and all. It was a great evening, says Carlsen.

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Thank you team

The day after the courtship, he will thank his teammates for their help.

– I never imagined it would be so good. You have exceeded my dreams. So I have to thank the Ringvassøy family for always showing up and reaching out to things like this, says Carlsen emotionally.

Khatib also thinks it was a very nice experience.

– I got nervous right away, and very surprised, but was so cute afterwards, Sørensen tells VG.
Now the whole club is invited to the future wedding.

– Obviously they should be a part of it, too, say the two.

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