Farm, exit | New participant from “The Farm”

Farm, exit |  New participant from “The Farm”

Attention, spoiler! The case includes the events of Sunday’s episode of the “The Farm” program on TV 2.

In Sunday’s episode, this year’s “Farmen” group concludes its eighth week at Friedheim Farm. But when it comes to the end of the week, it is also about the end of the adventure for one of the participants when the stage is set for another duel on Sunday.

Maria-Sophie Skogvoll Andberg, 24, chose Karla Haringstad, 30, as her opponent after being named the first champion earlier this week.

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However, she was not surprised that she was chosen while choosing the runner-up.

Participants were surprised

As the second champion, it was Haringstad who had the privilege of choosing the branch, and the choice fell on publishing.

However, Andberg surprised the rest of the participants and demonstrated his eagerness to publish, and thus he was able to emerge victorious from the duel.

Haringstad told Netavisen that she was surprised by Andberg in the duel, but was still ready to go home from the farm.

-Smoking went well. For me, joining The Farm was an experience, not a game. That was part of the reason I chose to publish as well, because it was either in my favor or it wasn’t, Haringstad tells Netafsen.

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As mentioned earlier, Haringstad chose to publish, even though she had never tested the branch:

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-I knew myself I was bad at posting and had never tried it, and Maria had done it on weekly assignments before. But it was incredibly heavy, the boards were thicker than I thought, and Maria was simply completely raw.

The 30-year-old does not hide that Andberg’s performance was better than her during the fight, and she considered that she deserved to advance in the competition.

New opportunity

Although the stay at “Farmen” wasn’t as long as Haringstad had hoped, “Farmen” life isn’t quite over for the 30-year-old just yet.

Just a stone’s throw away from the ‘Farmen’ is the ‘Torpet’, where eliminated participants can fight for a second chance inside the ‘Farmen’.

“I had told several other participants that ‘Torpet’ was not for me, but when I got a goodbye hug from Catherine, she asked me to fight there,” she says, adding:

-One of the nice things about Katherine is that she always motivated me to do my best.

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