FHI Advice: – Think less about Corona

FHI Advice: – Think less about Corona

It is the Chief Physician at FHI Preben Aavitsland who brings deterrence to the Norwegian people.

The background is BA variant corona. 2.86 which contains a lot of changes in the virus.

It is not known if it is more dangerous and more easily contagious. That’s why the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Public Health Institute are watching closely.

New Halo Message: – Very mutant

It has been proven so far in the USA, Great Britain, Israel and Denmark.

We have learned so far of six discoveries of the Library of Alexandria. 2.86: one each in the USA, Great Britain and Israel and three in Denmark. There are likely to be many more, but there are far fewer tests and gene sequencing now, so variants like these are being discovered later than before, says Aavitsland.

– Who put it on the list of items of particular interest – why?

– because it has a few mutations and is a little different from the mainstream XBB variants we’ve seen in recent months.

Department Director: Senior Physician Preben Avetsland at FHI.  Tor Erik Schrder / NTB

Department Director: Senior Physician Preben Avetsland at FHI. Tor Erik Schrder / NTB
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Most of them die on their own

Aavitsland says they’re also interested in whether it causes more severe disease and spreads better than the variants that are prevalent now.

But when asked if this could become the new mainstream alternative, he said:

– It is impossible to say.

Admittedly: “Most of the new varieties die off on their own because it turns out that they don’t spread any better than the dominant species,” continues the Supreme Chief.

– The waves are hardly dangerous

On the general question about the outlook for fall and winter (what can we expect), Aavitsland says “we expect there may be a smaller wave now in the fall and then a smaller wave in the winter.”

– There is great immunity in the population after vaccination, infection, or both, so that no dangerous waves are likely to occur, he points out.

Is the last vaccine still sufficient for people without underlying diseases, even when it has been a long time since they were last vaccinated or had an illness?

We recommend a new dose for high-risk groups in the fall so that they are well prepared for winter.

What are the other tips?

If you catch a cold, stay home until the worst is over. Do not cough on others.

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