First running trip of the year

First running trip of the year

It was cold and dark outside. But it doesn't matter, right?

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The first Monday of the year came rather suddenly. Now it was the second Monday of the year, which was perfect. He had a full week after the New Year to prepare for the start of this year's season. This year's running season.

This year's running season was set to last a long time. As long as he got into it. He did not suffer while running. That he can sometimes indulge in what they call “light jogging”, where he enjoys just a few laps around the Stokkavatn shop. He was able to clearly say “hello” if he met someone he knew. Without running dirty and dripping in the half gag.

He was looking forward to it. To get really good again. This year was the year. He was ready. When summer came, he would jump into the sea lightly on his toes, wearing only tight swim trunks and a brand new Summer Body 2024 (SK24) T-shirt.

Monday evening reminded me a little of summer. It was freezing outside. The pitch was black. But he had known that for several days.

He also knew where the sneakers were. They are a few years old. Not worn, but old. He should have new ones soon. He'd read that old sneakers weren't good for the skeleton or something.

But for their first running trip of the year, they should fit in well. It's probably more about diving than running anyway. He probably wouldn't have noticed if he was running in winter boots instead. Maybe he should, instead, so he doesn't have to freeze his feet?

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Open the door to let some air in. Get a feeling. It was stone cold. And very dark. Maybe it was smooth too? Sneakers weren't known for being good at dealing with flat toes, exactly. And certainly not the old one. They were probably ten years old now. Maybe fifteen.

close the door. The plan was to find trainers and a good amount of training clothes. He didn't have to freeze during training. He couldn't catch the cold again. But can it be smooth?

Then he sat on the couch and watched a self-help video about panic attacks.


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