Flood warning for UK

Flood warning for UK

The British Met Office, which is linked to the Norwegian Meteorological Agency, has issued three yellow warnings for rain until Friday. Heavy rain in the UK over the next 24 hours.

There is a risk of flooding in large parts of the country as it bursts onto the coast.

The Meteorological Department has warned that there is a possibility of traffic jams due to inundation and damage to buildings.

Traffic problem

The first warning lasted until six o’clock this morning in the southeast. The Daily Echo reports on traffic chaos as a result of flooding in Southampton and, among other things, a roundabout flooding.

It is currently at its most dramatic in West Sussex in the south-east of England. Several train lines were affected by flooding on Thursday afternoon, the BBC reported. The local fire service is asking motorists to stay off the road unless absolutely necessary.

A second warning applies for 24 hours from midnight on Thursday. The area covered stretches from Birmingham on the east coast in the south to the Scottish border. Rainy weather will hit major cities such as Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

Rainfall up to 100 mm

Between 3pm today and 6pm tomorrow the rain will increase heavily along the east coast of Scotland and north around Aberdeen. These areas will receive 80 to 100 millimeters of rain in the next 24 hours.

A flood warning has also been issued in the above areas.

Eldbjørg Moxnes at the Meteorological Center says a low pressure system is moving in from the south-west, which has settled over most of the country.

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– There will be a lot of rain today, but it will weaken over time tomorrow. The storm will first subside in the south and last longer in the northern parts.

According to her, we don’t need to worry about rainy weather in Norway.

– Low pressure will remain in the UK and will not pass through as we often see. It is caused by cold air masses coming from Russia, so that it dies in Great Britain and does not reach Norway.

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