For a fairer architecture

For a fairer architecture

The field of design, like many other fields, It was historically homogeneous. This homogeneous state, fostered by the hegemony of the majority, is ubiquitous in the subject, from practicing thinkers and architects to what happens in education and production. Good living conditions facilitated by architecture should be a basic human need, but who is entitled to such a privilege today? Could a place be radically inclusive if the clients, planners, designers, and builders represented only a few distinct people? We view aesthetics and design as universal values, but who today is allowed to decide what good architecture is?

in a growing time Social and economic differences, environmental crisis and climate crisis, indifference means the same participation. Constant silence contributes to a system that discriminates and suppresses, and the lack of clear support from the field gives more nourishment to further alienation. Architects, it’s time to announce that it’s time for action.

Safe Space is a platform For dialogue and exchange, where experiences are exchanged and listened to, conflicts are confronted, and openness and solidarity are fostered to create a true sense of broad belonging. We often draw conclusions, and often speak on behalf of someone else; It’s time we think together to map out and discuss what needs to be done, and how we can do things differently and better.

We wish To lay the groundwork for such conversations through investigations and exploration of other forms of architectural practice. We want to be a room where you can express different opinions and dreams. We are committed to challenging prevailing norms and structural inequality, so that we can make architecture the inclusive discipline it needs.

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so pray Teachers, students, planners and designers to take more responsibility and take a social and political position. We encourage the celebration of different identities and ways of thinking and behaving. We invite architects to unite and jointly engage with allies and activists to initiate systemic change. We want to challenge the definition of both physical and intangible spaces in the building process, to understand what, why and how we build. This is a call to action, to deconstruct and think new, to bring about change and a movement towards a more just architecture.

Boy Kui Son, Paul Antoine Lucas and Armelle Bruel

Safe Space Complex Explore issues related to the architectural industry’s lack of diversity through podcasts, exhibitions, events, and fans. This is their final statement. Safe Space Collective was created in collaboration with Rom for kunst og arkitektur in Oslo. This text was previously printed in English in Voks – «09 Rom».

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