Found dead: – The family rages after the stick theory

Found dead: – The family rages after the stick theory

“The most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard came from the mayor’s mouth,” Corey Christensen tells the local paper Oregonian.

On August 20 of last year, Christensen’s brother, Aaron Christensen, went on a long hike with puppy Buzzo to a remote part of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, USA.

That same evening, Christensen’s body was found by a couple on their way down the same road. Arun has a hole in his chest and the couple believe he has been shot.

– Oh, my God, is someone shooting at the pedestrian? Wendy Tanner shrieked to her husband when they spotted Christensen, according to Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Thrown ribbons: Police have arrested a man after he tried to kidnap a waiter through a car window at a coffee shop in Auburn, Washington. Correspondent: Christina H. Corneliussen / Dagbladet TV
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– bite with a stick

But when the police arrived on the scene, they took a different view, and Tanner’s concerns were dismissed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the officer searched the area for about a half hour, and when he found no cartridge, he concluded that nothing incriminating had happened.

Instead, the officer believed that Christensen may have had a heart attack, and that the hole in his chest was caused by his fall and stabbing himself on a stick.

As a result, forensic examinations were not conducted at the crime scene either.

Obviously, no explanation is given for why the puppy Buzzo died alongside Christensen.

BUZZO: Four-month-old Buzzo was found dead by his owner.  However, the police concluded that nothing suspicious had happened.  Photo: Christensen Family/GoFundMe

BUZZO: Four-month-old Buzzo was found dead by his owner. However, the police concluded that nothing suspicious had happened. Photo: Christensen Family/GoFundMe
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– This bullet

Later it was also revealed on a pathological examination of the body that the cause of death was, as Parker Tanner suspected, a gunshot.

The discovery of the bullet in the dead man’s chest was apparently insufficient to convince the local police authorities that something criminal had taken place.

According to the WSJ, the pathologist who examined Christensen’s body, Megan Quinn, said she felt the police detective she was in contact with during the examination wanted her report to “fit a certain narrative.”

During the investigation, Quinn discovers signs that Christensen had already suffered a heart attack at the time of his death.

– Can I call my boss and say that this is the cause of death, the investigator asked.

“Well, he still has that bullet,” Quinn then answered the cop, according to the WSJ.

Wanted: faking his death

Wanted: faking his death

hostile shot

The theory that Christensen and the puppy had been shot was reinforced when a local man called the sheriff’s office the next day and said his son had confessed to shooting someone in the area.

The teen explained to the police that he was on his way through the woods with his girlfriend, when he felt compelled to shoot what he thought was a wild animal, which was growling at them on the side of the woodland road, at around 9:00. The time is in the evening.

When he approached the now dead dog to investigate, he is said to have discovered that a dead man was also lying there.

Ten months later, however, no criminal case has been opened regarding Christensen’s death, according to the WSJ.

Nor did the teen’s confessions prevent investigators from contacting Christensen’s relatives and suggesting alternative reasons for losing his life several weeks later.

Detected by correction after 30 years

Detected by correction after 30 years

Geometric exit wound

As if the details of Christensen’s death weren’t baffling enough, determining the cause of death of four-month-old puppy Buzzo would also lead to complications.

The vet who first examined the dog thought the dog had died from a stab wound, and refused to shoot him as “impossible”, because she could find no exit wound.

When a new vet examines the dog, the exit wound is still there, and the new vet concludes that Buzzo died from being shot.

However, the original vet did not understand this, and after a new examination, she concluded that the exit wound had been created after her original examination.

However, further pathological examinations revealed canine DNA on the bullet that hit and killed Christensen, but here too the police wanted to investigate alternative explanations.

The lead investigator asked a pathologist, who also examined Buzzo, if the same tools could be used to examine them both. This was confirmed by the coroner.

It is not yet clear if the same bullet killed both Buzzo and Christensen, according to the report Oregonian.

Missing woman swallowed by a snake

Missing woman swallowed by a snake


After the events, his brother Cory and the rest of Aaron’s family now believe that the police committed a dereliction of duty in dealing with Christensen’s death.

“We are overwhelmed, frustrated and disappointed with the handling of this case, and fully believe that now, over 90 days after Aaron’s murder, arrests should be made,” the family wrote in a letter dated November 15, 2022 on the crowdfunding platform. GoFundMe.

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