Frederic Skavlan as Bianca Ingrosso and Elsie Cass Voroseth

Frederic Skavlan as Bianca Ingrosso and Elsie Cass Voroseth

Frogner/Oslo (Dagbladet): On Thursday afternoon, the cultural elite and large portions of Norwegian celebrity gathered at the garden party of the publishing house Ashyhog. Talk show king Frederic Skavlan, 56, has attended this party several times before, and he’s a self-appointed guest this time around, too.

Reputation denies

Dagbladet chats with the 56-year-old before he enters the party. He talks about how to host a talk show with Else Kåss Furuseth (43).

– I’ve sat in a lot of meetings all day, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. And now we’re in the famous “yes” phase, so it’s too early to say. It’s not until January, but what a pleasure it is to work with her, he says, adding:

Bianca Ingrosso managed to control Fredrik Skavlan’s mobile phone on the talk show “Bianca”. Video: Discovery+
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-It’s very fun.


behind the camera

Skavlan says he won’t have a particularly prominent role on the upcoming talk show.

– I have a withdrawn role, but at this particular stage I am active. Hope it’s good.

Respond: -

He replies: – “nonsense”

He also works with Sweden’s biggest influencer Bianca Ingrosso (28) on her show ‘Bianca’. And there’s also behind the camera. When asked about the nature of her work, the answer was somewhat surprising.

– Surprisingly, there are many features in common with Else. Very funny, very outgoing, very energetic and very professional. I can say all of that about another, too.

Featured: Frederic Skavlan appeared on the foreign talent show. Video: TV4
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different style

Skavlan was not ready for Ingrosso and Kåss Furuseth to have many features in common.

– Damn, I see a lot of the same here. Even if they have different styles and morals, there are some traits that are fun to work with and build upon. He says that Bianca is already entering season three and has established herself firmly.

- I was not stable

– I was not stable

Recently, Ingrosso’s talk show won Sweden’s Crystalline Award in the Best Entertainment Program category.

– It was great fun. “I still get a little hungry from that party,” he jokes.

Skavlan: Frederic Skavlan comes up when we ask questions about the controversial interview he gave with Martha Louise and Doric Verrett earlier this year. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Video: Thea Hope/TV2/Red Runner
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When asked if he will appear on television in the future, he answered vaguely.

– we will see. Maybe I do not know. “I have to come up with something,” he concludes.

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