Freezing rain in eastern Norway: – Soap

Freezing rain in eastern Norway: – Soap
Unfortunately: No one was injured when this ambulance veered off the road during an emergency call. The patient was sent to the hospital in a new ambulance.

Both the police and ambulances had a hard time due to the slippery roads on Wednesday. Yellow alert has been issued in many parts of the country.

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– It’s as smooth as soap and has never experienced anything like it before, says Daniel Weberg, emergency manager at the fire service in Westfold.

The E18 northbound at Westfold was closed in both directions on Wednesday evening, with freezing rain removing all road grip in some places.

A yellow warning has been issued for icy roads in eastern Norway, Trøndelag, Helgeland and Sør-Salten. The hazard warning applies until Thursday, and warns of difficult driving conditions locally.

– There is a local risk of ice due to rain freezing or freezing rain on the ground. Rain freezes as snow on the ground, on vehicles and other objects. The notice says.

GLATT: There is a yellow warning for ice en route to this part of eastern Norway.

At around 9.30pm, part-timers from the fire service were dispatched, and an ambulance on the call ended up on the northbound E18 just before Mølledamsbrua.

The patient in the ambulance was taken to a hospital in Oslo by a new ambulance, the Southeast Information Police said. No one was injured in the accident.

– There is damage to the safety line. It is very slippery on site, and salting must be carried out before the northward run is opened. So the police wrote that the road will be closed until further notice.

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GLATT: E18 North Westfold.

– It’s very slippery, you have to stay on your feet, says a tipster queuing in the subway.

The fire service says they are helping to get the salt truck between the line formed from Berksenga and driving with blue lights as the salt truck heads south on the E18.

– While we were dealing with the accident in the northbound direction, two cars rolled on four wheels in the southbound direction. Fortunately, it didn’t end in a crash and they continued south, says emergency manager Daniel Weberg.

He went in a police car

The E6 is closed north of Midstranda in Hamar as a police car responds to an accident. No injuries were reported in the accident.

Police informed that the road was reopened at 22.42.

A head-on collision between a lorry and a car led to the emergency call. Police have warned of heavy rains and asked people to drive carefully.

– We believe it will only be with these two, Operations Manager Terrace Bilder tells VG.

CLOSED: A blue light can be seen on the horizon in this photo from the crash scene on the E6 in Hamar on Wednesday evening.

To ensure the safety of the occupants, the stretch has become necessary to be closed until the accident site is cleared, he said. Freezing rain is the culprit, she explains.

– We received information about a collision between a truck and a car. Emergency services arrived at the scene, and the police car was hit by a second car as it skidded. An ambulance treats the victims of the first accident, and the second is settled with a claim report, Bilder says.

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The Operations Manager adds that a contractor and a cushion truck have been called in, and the Road Traffic Center writes that traffic is being directed on the exit and entry ramps.

– It is not fair to allow emergency services to work there when they are open. It’s so soft it won’t open until you clean it.

Softer in the north

Operations Manager of the Nordland Police District, Ivar Bo Nilsson, informs VG that the day was filled with many accidents due to very slippery roads.

– There have been many minor traffic accidents today. Due to rain and mild weather, it is very slippery. Today is marked by that, says Nilsson.

On Wednesday evening, a car ran off the road and into a snow plow in Nordland. The incident caused another car to run off the road.

– Due to slippery roads, the car may be thrown and hit the plow. The driver and passenger of the car that drove into the snow plow were sent to the emergency room for routine checkups. No serious injuries were reported, but Nilsen says the car was heavily damaged.

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