Games, USA | Outrage against the gaming giant: – They are trying to recruit children for climate politics

Games, USA |  Outrage against the gaming giant: – They are trying to recruit children for climate politics

Earlier in January, Microsoft, the company behind the Xbox, announced plans to improve the energy efficiency of its game consoles.

The purpose of improving efficiency is to make controllers use less electricity, benefiting both the environment and consumers’ wallets. Xbox itself says it will be the first company to have carbon-conscious consoles.

She has come into disrepute with many conservative American politicians. Some are now criticizing Xbox for being too “awake”, and for caring too much about the environment.

– What they’re doing is crazy. They’re trying to recruit our kids into climate politics at a young age, says Fox News host Jimmy Faella.

The issue has been discussed for the first time before Washington Post.

Hamburger, car and gas stove

The Xbox discussion is an extension of an already existing debate, which has already caught fire after the government’s Consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) did not rule out banning gas stoves.

Conservative voices feel that actions to reduce the carbon footprint of everyday products threaten the lives of everyday Americans. Among these are products such as hamburgers, coffee, cars and weapons.

A number of politicians have taken to social media to promote their views on the matter. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who represents the GOP, wonders what’s next.

– They want to take your weapons from you. They want to remove your gas stoves. And Cruz wrote on Twitter that they now want to take your Xbox off.

Small changes for players

Although many fear the consequences of the latest Xbox update, the company itself is much calmer.

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They explain in a blog posts The changes will not be noticeable.

Among other things, the company will ensure that its game consoles will make major updates at night, and will introduce a power saving mode as standard for many of its models.

In practice, this means that in the worst case, players have to wait 15 seconds longer when turning on the console than before, the Washington Post writes.

“You can adjust your settings at any time and choose what works best for you,” Xbox’s Blaine Hauglie tells The Washington Post.

Microsoft did not want to comment on the matter beyond the original blog post.

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