German restaurant sues guest – dispute over zero on bill

German restaurant sues guest – dispute over zero on bill
Wet night: guest ordered a six-liter bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal. It is not known what wine he commanded.

An extra zero on the bill was fatal to a restaurant guest.


Last May, a man from Dusseldorf was a guest at the Mon Amie Maxi restaurant in Frankfurt.

According to the German newspaper, as soon as he sat down, he asked for a special bottle of champagne to share with the table picture.

After a conversation with the restaurant The bartenderThe bartender A sommelier is a sommelier or bartender who specializes in wine, as well as food and wine (SNL) blends.The guest decided to buy a so-called Louis Roederer Cristal bottle of Metusalem.

Methuselah bottles hold a whopping six liters.

For comparison, the regular bottle holds 0.75 liters and the magnum bottle holds 1.5 liters. In Vinmonopolet websites These bottles from the same manufacturer cost NOK 2,990 and NOK 6,990, respectively.

According to the restaurant, the guest was happy with the offer and thought it sounded like a good idea, Bild writes.

The guest must have caught the bottle himself and smashed it.

But when the bill came, an argument ensued.

The Frankfurt restaurant was supposed to get 13,000 euros for the champagne – today’s exchange rate is equivalent to more than 150,000 crowns.

However, the guest claims that the sommelier said something completely different – that the price of champagne is “only” 1300 euros.

An extra zero will cost the guest around NOK 140,000 extra.

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Now the restaurant is suing the guest who refused to pay the bill. The case will be decided in the Dusseldorf court on May 15.

Note: on the Champagne website Champagne Premier At the time of writing, you can only find one Louis Roederer Cristal bottle of Methuselah. The price for this is $12,999 – just under 140,000 crowns. It is not known if this bottle is from the same bottle found in the Frankfurt restaurant.


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