Glenn Gordon Caron on Bruce Willis’ illness:

Glenn Gordon Caron on Bruce Willis’ illness:

In February, came the shocking news that actor Bruce Willis (68) had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

It was ex-wife Demi Moore, 60, who shared the news, and following the sad news, Willis’ family has provided frequent updates on the actor’s condition.

Shares new details about the disease

Now it’s 68-year-old friend and director Glenn Gordon Caron, 68, who is giving people an update on the disease. He writes, among other things New York Post.

Willis became a big star when he appeared in the 1985 ABC series “Moonlightning,” which Caron directed. Since then, the two have maintained a good friendship.

Former colleagues: Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd V

Former colleagues: Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in “Moonlightning.” Photo: ABC-Tv/COPAL/REX/NTB
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Caron says he spent time with Willis, and explains that his ability to communicate has become worse recently.

-I feel like he knows who I am in the first one to three minutes. He didn’t have much ability to talk anymore. He used to read a lot, but now he doesn’t read at all. He says his language is no longer accessible to him.

- I'm not good

– I’m not good

Moreover, the director says that he tries to visit the “Die Hard” actor every month.

-I fought hard to stay in his life. His illness is very severe (…) If you’ve spent time with Bruce Willis, you know that no one has more joy in life than him. He loved life and enjoyed waking up every morning to live life to the fullest.

Bruce Willis and his entire family gathered to celebrate the actor’s birthday. Video: Klaus Fjelro/Red Runner/Demi Moore via Instagram.
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He adds:

– So the idea that he is now living a sheltered life makes no sense at all. He is truly a wonderful man.

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