Glomma and Øyeren – NRK Oslo and Viken – local news, TV and radio with residents evacuated from Øya by Fetsund before flooding.

Glomma and Øyeren – NRK Oslo and Viken – local news, TV and radio with residents evacuated from Øya by Fetsund before flooding.

Residents of Øya in Fetsund, which flows into Gloma Oyren, have been told to leave their homes by Saturday. 12.

Danger: The upper line of the stick shows how high the water level was in Øyeren during the great flood of 1995. By the end of the week, the water will reach that high.

Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

– There’s a lot to empty in a very short time, Torbjörn Olsen says as he removes things from his stall.

Garden furniture is already placed on the roof of the carport. He gets help from a neighbor to lift a washing machine at home.

– Managed to get some help from friends, but it was sheer luck that someone showed up during the day on Friday, says Olson.

There are about 40 houses on the island that are now being evacuated. Many residents have experienced floods in the past, such as in 1995. Olsen shows on the wall of the house how high the water rose at that time.

Torbjörn Olsen at Fetsund's Øya shows how high the water went last time there was a major flood in 1995.

Experience: How high did the water go during the 1995 flood? By the end of the week, according to NVE’s forecasts, the water is expected to rise to almost the same height.

Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

In the next few days, the water level in Ayer is expected to rise by approx. Two meters above normal level. A peak is expected on Sunday or Monday. It affects not only Oia but also the nearby hamlet of Nerdrum.

The island is located in the Glomma store in Øyeren, Fetsund in Lilleström.

Criticizes the municipality

Everyone who needs to be evacuated has received an SMS about the evacuation from the municipality of Lilleström, the municipality said. Websites.

They also received an SMS saying that Romerike avvalsforedling, a waste disposal company, would pick up their garbage overtime. The municipality of Lilleström says this will avoid litter being carried away by waterways.

Furniture and possessions were moved from stalls and garages in Øya through Fetsund in anticipation of flooding in Glomma and Øyeren.

Heavy lift: Olsen moved furniture and belongings from her home out of the garage.

Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

Torbjørn Olsen criticizes the information residents received and the help provided.

– Now it’s been half a day since they told us that they are going to come and collect the garbage, but there is nothing about how we are going to get help to empty our house in such a short time, he says with disappointment.

– Two of us, my roommate and I are in wheelchairs. After all, she didn’t get any help with favors and the like.

– We help each other

Mayor Jørgen Vik (Ap) met with NRK and Olsen in Øya this afternoon and responded to the resident’s criticism.

Mayor Jørgen Vik on Øya by Fetsund in Lillestrøm where people were evacuated before flooding occurred in Glomma and Øyeren.

Optimist: Lillestrom’s mayor, Jørgen Vik, is proud of the residents of Oia, who have experienced floods before and know what to do.

Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

– I understand that this is a stressful situation, says Vic.

– A car will come to remove the garbage. Transportation will also be provided to carry out heavy and valuable goods. There is a tradition of this in previous floods, and we follow that tradition.

He says that the municipality should stand up and provide necessary assistance to the people.

– I believe we have the right people and enough people. We help each other.

Sent to hotel

Evacuees from Øya will be welcomed at Olavsgaard Hotel in Hvam from 10am on Saturday.

The hotel was previously evacuated north of Hans Huset Leersund and Assack, Lillestrom during extreme weather.

A barn is flooded on Øya by Fetsund in Lillestrøm after the water level rises in Øyeren.
Photo: Haljir Brastad / NRK

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