Got hundreds of ticks in ten minutes :- Totally shocked

Got hundreds of ticks in ten minutes :- Totally shocked

For many, summer vacations are good, and happy at home and abroad.

One of the Norwegian holidaymakers was Lene Tønnesen, who was on a boat trip along the south coast with her family. The journey first went from Stavanger to Risør, and the family now begins the return journey. Along the way they visit many places, but Donneson has an unpleasant experience when visiting an island outside of Grimstad.

– completely shocked

The family arrived at Ytre Maløya, where the family planned to spend some time playing kup and air golf. Donnesen went ashore with her youngest son, where they had to wait ten minutes while the rest of the family collected their daughter.

But after ten minutes, the stay on the island was not particularly motivated, because after that short time Donneson had several hundred ticks.

– I was completely shocked. “Luckily, I was wearing shorts and was able to wade straight into the ocean to remove them,” says Donnesen.

– Severe

She was checked by the man to make sure all the ticks were gone, and the clothes were hung in the air. Cup and air golf were replaced by paddle boarding on a SUP board as staying further on the island was not very attractive.

– It was very serious. This is very serious, which is why I wanted to warn others.

Tønessen posted a warning to the Båtfolk group on Facebook and alerted others staying on the island. After contracting Lyme disease twice, Tonessen realized the effects of tick bites.

– Because of this, I am very active and I do everything to prevent all this. But I never really experienced many, she explains.

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Hundreds of ticks found on dog: – Never experienced so much

The experience has made her decide to take action before next summer.

– I will take the TBE vaccine next year because I don’t want to be exposed.

“Monster Dick” is coming

Tønnesen is not alone in its experience, and the unusually warm temperatures we’ve had this summer have provided good conditions for ticks. Climate and Environment Minister Espen Barth Eide (Ap) warned of this last month.

– If anyone is a bit tired of the annual report from the tabloid newspapers that “Now the Monster Dick is coming”, Barth Ede said, wait a minute, now the Monster Dick is actually coming to Norway. Parliamentary notification About climate change and how we should adapt to warmer Norway.

NMBU professor Snorre Stuen explains to NTB what “monster tick” means:

— This is the hunting tick he thinks, which is a little larger than our usual wild tick. It comes with migratory birds to Norway as larvae and nymphs.

– Predatory ticks are olfactory, and unlike many tick species, they have eyes and can see approximately five to ten meters ahead. A researcher in Turkey was 500 meters away on flat land when he was followed by a hunting boat for 15 minutes, Professor Stun told the Nynarsk press office.

The species was found in a horse in Norway and may be a carrier of a virus that can cause Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, a serious disease with a reported 40 percent fatality rate. It inhabits, among others, the southeastern regions of Europe, but is increasingly establishing itself further north.

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Ticks bite even in winter

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