Greed trumps security, says AI/AI researcher Max Tegmark-Dagsavisen

Greed trumps security, says AI/AI researcher Max Tegmark-Dagsavisen

– We’re on our way beyond “normal” AI, towards something we don’t quite know how to control.

This is what artificial intelligence researcher and physics professor Max Tegmark tells the Swedes SVT. The potential negative consequences of unregulated AI development have been highlighted several times.

Tegmark warns of the consequences if security and greed collide.

Then greed will triumph, unless there are laws and controls that regulate this, as the researcher says.

I think KI will cause a new financial crisis

And he’s not the only one who’s worried. Dagsavisen recently reported that the head of the US Financial Supervision Commission (SEC) fears the consequences if AI technology is not regulated.

– It is almost inevitable that artificial intelligence will cause a new financial crisis. That could come as early as late 2020 or early 2030, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said. Financial Times.

“When one model or one data set becomes central, it increases herd mentality. This means that everyone will rely on the same information and act accordingly,” Gensler warned even then, according to the Danish newspaper Storavisen. Now he repeats the warning.

Back to OpenAI

Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has his job back after being fired before the weekend. With a new board of directors, he is looking forward to his return.

– We have reached an agreement in principle for Sam to return to OpenAI as Managing Director with a new board of directors, said a statement issued by the company on social media, according to NTB.

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-We are working together to find out the details. “We thank you for your patience during this matter,” said the company, which develops artificial intelligence (AI), including the popular service ChatGPT.

After Altman was fired, about 500 OpenAI employees threatened to resign from their jobs if all board members and then-senior management did not resign. Investors in the company also threatened to sue the board, the news agency wrote.

“With the new Board of Directors and the support of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, I look forward to returning to OpenAI and building on the strong partnership with Microsoft,” says Altman.

OpenAI started as a non-commercial organization with the goal of building artificial intelligence that works better than humans and for the benefit of humanity. When the company later became a commercial enterprise, the old board of directors remained in place.

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