Handball toilet – Feedback: – Unlucky

Handball toilet – Feedback: – Unlucky

Krakow (Dagbladet): Norway kicks off their soccer World Cup tournament in Krakow against North Macedonia on Friday.

The tournament is shared between Sweden and Poland. Norway will play group matches in Krakow, the main round in Katowice and any quarter and semi-finals in Gdańsk.

The semi-final will be played in Gdansk on the evening of Friday 27 September, while the final will be played in Stockholm on Sunday two days later.

This means that the team on the Norwegian side of the tournament setup will have to use Saturday to travel from Poland to Sweden, while the finalist from the other side will be able to use Saturday to recharge in Sweden.

– That’s the way it is, I don’t have many opinions on this matter. Norway coach Jonas Wille told Dagbladet that I am careful not to use negative energy on this.

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– have Abad luck

However, the coach of the women’s national team, Thorir Hergeirsson, believes there is a problem with teams being given different preconditions in the tournament.

During the European Union in November last year, Norway was allowed to spend the entire tournament in Ljubljana, while other teams had to relocate. However, Hergersson says Norway also talked about this after the European gold in November.

– it’s a pity. We wrote it very clearly in our review. Although we won and were lucky. We’ve been in it ourselves before. We support the teams that were in it at the European Commission, says Hergersson.

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Reported: Thorir Hergeirsson is pictured in Ljubljana during the European Commission in November.  Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

Reported: Thorir Hergeirsson is pictured in Ljubljana during the European Commission in November. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB
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The Icelander points out that the challenge of giving teams an equal rest is complicated as more and more tournaments are shared between two or more host countries.

– I understand that it is not easy for the organizer. You can’t get exactly the same thing. But he thinks there is still every reason to try to dig deeper.

Hergeirsson also points out that television and advertising are playing a heavier role than before, and that the teams themselves have had less and less of a say over match times.

We give our feedback when we get the forms after the tournament, and we take them every time. But not much happened with her. We talk to others, and that’s in unison, he points out.

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Believe in men

The Norwegian men’s team is one of the overseas teams that have reached the semi-finals and are fighting for medals at the World Cup. Hergerson says he follows the handball boys closely.

I was born and raised with men’s handball. I am inspired by what they do.

– How do you think they’ll do in the restroom?

– I believe in these guys. Hergerson replies if they can bring in their best players, they can fight for a medal, but it will be tough and tough.

The 58-year-old has 16 championships as the head coach of girls’ handball, before that he was part of Marit Breivik’s coaching team for several years. On the men’s front, Jonas Weil is leading this year after being Christian Berg’s assistant last year.

– I really like Jonas. He is a good coach and leader and he has good people. There’s been a good cast around the team for a long time, and that continues, Hergerson concludes.

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