Hareide lays down – and follows the Argentina dream – VG

Hareide lays down - and follows the Argentina dream - VG
No more trophies: Åge Hareide has resigned as football coach after this season. Thus, the chance of getting more prizes disappears.

TRONDHEIM (VG) ge Hareide (Soon 68) will use his freedom from a coaching career to fulfill his dream – traveling to Argentina to watch River Plate against Boca Juniors. It’s the only plan he has so far for 2022.


Except that he will no longer coach a football team, he claims…

This is a story of, among other things, a man, a sea eagle, and two boats.

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When VG met the head of Rosenborg in Lerkendal, we started the interview as follows:

Can you guarantee that you will finish your job as a football coach after this season?

– Yes, Hared replied – without time to think. Then he smiled.

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Much of the reason this question comes up now is because Rosenberg’s good looks. From Hareide (July 1) announced that this was his last season, both in Rosenborg and as coach overall, RBK won mostly what was (11 of 12 potential wins) until he stopped out against Rennes in the E-Cup and Viking in the series.

And so people asked: Why can’t RBK continue at Hareide?

– That’s out of the question. In consultation with them at home (at Mauli) we decided that this is enough. You don’t know how long you live, and for me now it is important to spend a few years with the family – and besides I will try not to do anything, says Howard.

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He’s bad at doing nothing, and he knows it. As for Hared, he has resigned as a football coach before as well, most recently in 2012.

Here the sea eagle appears. and boats. Agee Haredi is tired after an unsuccessful stay in a Viking and a rescue operation in Helsingborg.

That was enough. Aggie Hared is tired of football. So he got a job at Aukra Næringsforum.

– It was a good job, by all accounts, says Howard.

50 Years of Best Football: Åge Hareide smiling broadly in the office at ‘RBK Barracks’. Soon he ended his long football career.

I received an offer from Iceland


At last I began to look at the sea eagle that was constantly flying out of my window. It was wonderful to watch. But that might also say something, he admits today.

In addition, he began to look at two boats, and Harid tried to guess when they would pass each other.

So the days passed now.

Then Richard Norling moved from Malmö FF to Brann – and Malmö was without a coach. One day the phone rang at Åge Hareide’s. In the following years, he made history, twice in the Champions League with Malmö – then Denmark reached the World Cup. There was no way.

He is now Rosenborg’s coach for a year. Will we give up – again?

– My knees, play a little. But mostly I look at the birth certificate. I’ve been playing football for 50 years, coaching abroad for 11 years. You know, after I said yes to Rosenborg, I received an offer to lead the Icelandic national team…

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– Much…?

– Yes, but it was not related to the termination of RBK’s contract. Then he tells us more:

– Did you know, when I got Denmark, Sweden and Denmark played against each other in the playoffs. The winner wanted to continue with his national team manager, and the loser came to change. So it would have been Sweden for me, but Denmark lost, Hared smiled – and he had to laugh a little at the fate that had taken him to so many places he had never dreamed of before.

He points out that the things he gets tired of the most are “hotels and airports”. Therefore, he prefers the car as much as possible. There he can either work, telephone, or relax and enjoy music.

– I asked Trond Henriksen (the assistant at Rosenborg), who was also with us for a long time, if he could tell how much time we had already spent in the travels and the airports. There will be huge numbers, but many of them are gone now, says Hured.

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But one of the plans is Argentina, one of the few countries he’s never visited, and one of football’s most exciting rival settlements: Boca Juniors against River Plate.

– I’ve heard a lot about her. And I’ll be going there in 2022, it sure is already, otherwise I don’t have any plans, claims Åge Hareide.

– What if you named a big club or an opportunity to take over a national team? Can you say no if insomnia grips you?

– No, now you have to give up. I quit my job as a football coach after this season…

Åge Hareide is smiling.

On Sunday leading Rosenborg against Sarpsborg at 18 at Discover+.

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