He finds shock in the garden

He finds shock in the garden

– It was a little weird, so I ran to get a flashlight, Daniel Valstad tells Dagbladet.

This was his reaction when he discovered a cavity under the small root in the garden.

Opening: This is what it looked like after Daniel Valstad started digging. Photo: private
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It turned out that the cavity was a cement chamber twice as long as 1.3 meters.

– At first I thought it could have something to do with the sewage system, but the dimension was too big for that, he says.

Warn Male iFinnmark The first case.

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World War II

The home in Laxelve was purchased in 2012, and since then Falstad has cleared the site.

– It’s a large plot of about eight acres, so I’ve been taking it little by little every year. I always thought root was a bit stupid, so I thought ‘now take it and remove it’.

He finds shock in the garden

Using jars, the root is gone. After he ran to find a flashlight, he found a ladder to go down to the hole.

Now the other family members are aware of what’s going on.

– The youngest of four wanted to go down straight to see right away, but I didn’t let him go. The ten-year-old boy was skeptical and more interested in taking pictures.

Graver: Daniel Valstad is very pleased with this discovery.  Photo: private

Graver: Daniel Valstad is very pleased with this discovery. Photo: private
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At the bottom of the concrete room, Valstad sees two tubes, one coming out straight and the other at an angle. It is believed that the room may have been connected to World War II and that the pipes were used for ventilation.

– This is an area where the Germans had bunkers and much more during the war. Gary has made similar discoveries in his garden, ever since, says Valstad.

The six-year-old died of a brain-eating amoeba

The six-year-old died of a brain-eating amoeba

Buy a metal detector

After this discovery was written in the newspaper, the reaction was not long in coming.

– I realized that there is a lot of interest, especially when it comes to things from the war. Valstad stresses that we don’t know exactly what the room will be used for.

Growth: The room is full of roots.  Photo: private

Growth: The room is full of roots. Photo: private
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Although some humorously suggested turning the room into a pool, Valstad added items to the room and covered it with sand.

– It can have historical value and it may exist after my time.

But even if the room is covered, this does not necessarily mean the end of finding new discoveries on the plot.

I plan to buy a metal detector to see if there’s more, says Valstad.

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