He takes control of the car with a fake Wi-Fi network

He takes control of the car with a fake Wi-Fi network

(Elbil24): Many Tesla owners have chosen to put both the key card and key fob aside, rather than using their cell phone as the key. Using the mobile app, you can remotely control the car's functions, and if the phone is near the car, you can lock it and get out of it.

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However, it's not entirely without risks, as a video from a group of security researchers shows. In a YouTube video, they showed, as a kind of “proof of concept,” that a stranger could gain access to the car and thus drive.

Scams the owner via Wi-Fi

The way this happens is that hackers set up a wireless network, for example called “Tesla Guest”. This can be done using a supercharger.

If the user connects to this network, a page will be displayed requesting the username and password for the Tesla account. However, hackers take control of this page, and the information you enter there will then be captured. Hackers can then log into the Tesla app with the same username and password and then gain access to the car.

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Even with two-factor authentication activated, i.e. where you have to log in using a one-time code, you can log in if you're quick enough.

Adds own phone as key

It is also possible to insert the 'bad' phone as a car key if you are close enough, without the owner receiving a notification either on the mobile phone or on the screen in the car. Then just go.

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The video below shows the process:

It should be said that this scenario is quite specific, and hackers cannot remove the owner's mobile phone key without accessing the key card, but it is a reminder not to randomly connect to foreign wireless networks. Perhaps the same procedure can also be used in other cars.

As for the group, Tesla has no comments other than that this is working as intended.

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