Heat record, Sicily | UN confirms: It has never been so hot in Europe

Heat record, Sicily |  UN confirms: It has never been so hot in Europe

48.8°C was measured in Sicily in 2021. The measurement has now been approved by the World Meteorological Organization, which states that this was a new European record.

It was an automated weather station on the Italian island that made the record measurement. It has now been thoroughly examined by researchers, who concluded that the measurement was correct.

According to calculations by the European climate agency Copernicus, the average global temperature will reach a new record high in 2023, reaching 14.98 degrees Celsius.

The temperature was about 0.16 degrees higher than the previous record set in 2016, according to the Associated Press news agency.

48.8 degrees is about one degree higher than the previous European temperature record set in Greece in 1977.

– It is possible, and likely, that stronger extreme events will occur in Europe in the future, warns Professor Randall Cerveny, associated with the World Meteorological Organization.

Due to global warming, record temperatures are being set more often than before in large parts of the world.

In the Florida city of Siracusa province, the thermometer rose to 48.8 degrees on August 11, 2021. Sicily at that time was subjected to a heat wave called “Lucifer.”

The heat reportedly caused the snails to die inside their shells, while the lemons rotted while still hanging on the trees. The power grid was brought to its knees as many residents ran their air conditioners at full blast.

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