– Hell – VG

- Hell - VG
JIVET: Agnete Saba and coach Jørgen Nilsen.

Participants go back in time in this evening’s competition, which has the theme of ‘Teenage Years’. Agnet Saba took a song that made life difficult.


– The time after “Oro Jaska Beana” was difficult, said Agnete Saba before the first dance.

Hell, quite simply.

She has also been open in the past about difficult youth and psychological problems after the breakout.

But the song that won her MGPjr in 2011, as lead on The Blacksheeps, is now back, she thought herself. The judges felt the same.

– Oh, it was fun, I cheered after the performance in the form of a carrion.

Saba and partner Jürgen Nielsen received eight points from all three judges, bringing Saba a new personal record.

All about tonight’s broadcast:

JIVET: Agnete Saba and coach Jørgen Nilsen.

Agnete Saba and Jorggen Nilsen, jive to “Oro Jaska Beana” (The Blacksheeps)

– I didn’t think it was authentic enough, today it was. “I think a lot of people would vote for you, because it was so good,” Judge Trine Dihley Cliff said.

– Agnete has woken up, you are full of energy. Judge Merritt Mork Lingerdy said he was sharp, lively and precise.

“So much fun,” thought Judge Morten Hegseth, who bragged that Saba brought back her great song — and noted that she was a good role model at the time, and still is.

Judge’s Score: 24

CHA CHA CHA: Cengiz Al and Rikke Lund.

Genghis Al and Ricky Lund, Cha Cha Cha to “Gimme Gimme Gimme” (ABBA)

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– You’ve got it, come and play great cha-cha-cha-cha-cha. Damn it!, Merete Mork Lingjerde applauded.

It is unfair to others that you are involved, said Morten Hegseth.

– Bullshit. Trine Dihli Cliff said, “You really danced cha-cha-cha.

Judge’s Score: 29

Tango: Catherine Moholt and Igor Filippenko.

Catherine Moholt and Igor Filippenko, tango in “Back to the 80s” (Aqua)

I love the eighties. Tango is love and drama, this was love and warmth. Slightly with the shoulders down, Merritt Mork asked Lingerdy.

– Maybe I looked a little past love. Your center of gravity should have been lower, Trin’s Daily Cliff laughed in Moholt’s direction.

– You take dancing playfully. There is great chemistry and coexistence here. Morten Hegseth said, “I’ve seen you steadier and better, but I’m impressed.”

Judge’s Score: 21

Roomba: Eric Softland and Ewa Treland.

Eric Softland and Ewa Treland, Rumba to “Here I Go Again” (Whitesnake)

A little unusual combination. I guess you were a little unlucky, the rumba is the hardest latin dance. Train Daily Cliff concluded that you had something going on, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough.

– You rocking, you have it in you. I see the tug of war between rock and rumba. Morten Hegseth added, “I want great, that was great.”

– You have to create this glue between movements. This was kind of a stew, said Merritt Mork-Lingerdy, a bit limp for me.

Judge’s Score: 15

“I wasn’t completely satisfied with the judges, because we were so good,” Søfteland replied with a smile after the low score.

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SALSA: Martine Lunde and Tarjei Svalastog.

Martine Lunde and Tarjei Svalastog, From Salsa Music to “Wherever Is” (Shakira)

Lund spoke of a difficult young man with bullying and comfort in music.

I think the girls I bother you are idiots, and I hope you watch, Morten Heigseth yells.

You dress like a fun salsa. But you are not strong enough on your feet. Salsa is more substandard, don’t go back. But Merritt Mork thought Lingerdy, sensual and gentle.

You will not gain enough weight in the future. Nice expression and gentle movements, said Trine Dehli Cliff, but lost more partnership.

Judge’s Score: 18

CHA CHA CHA: Carrie Tra and Tom Eric Nielsen.

Carrie Tra and Tom Eric Nielsen, Cha Cha Cha to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (Cyndi Lauper)

– It was fun.” There wasn’t much. I would have liked to see a more appropriate technique. Good effort. Train Daily Cliff confirmed, but not so good.

– The funniest lady of Norway. I am so happy to see Kari Traa! It’s great to see your energy. It’s too bad, but fun, said Morten Hegseth.

– You sounded like you were on a show called “skal vi singge”, this came to you a little badly from Merete Mørk Lingjerde.

Judge’s Score: 11

– I did my best, Tra explained herself.

SALSA: Nathan “Nate” Kahungu and Nadya Khamitskaya.

Nathan “Nate” Kahongo and Nadia Khametskaya, song “What’s My Name” (Rihanna & Drake)

– It was his sauce, that. Music speaks to you, and you only transmit music through your body. This is a dance for me. Great, cheered Merete Mørk Lingjerde.

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– Felt like you were at some salsa discotheque. Authentic, but I want more Connection Trine Dehli Cliff pointed out that between the two of you, I want you two to be more than a couple.

“Good, but I’ve seen you better,” said Morten Hegseth.

Judge’s Score: 25

CHA CHA CHA: Iselin Guttormsen and Catalin Mihu.

Iselin Guttormsen and Catalin Mihu, cha cha cha cha to “Dirrty” (Christina Aguilera)

You are so tough in the way you dance, so rough in the way you are. If this dance hit the g-spot dance? Morten Hegseth wondered with little certainty.

– You’re on your way a strong improvement from what I’ve seen before. You tend to throw off balance. Speak in lowercase now and then, Merritt Mork said to Lingerdy, until the highlights appear more clearly.

Judge’s Score: 23

The three participants with the fewest votes last Saturday are Lacey Matberg, Isleen Guttormsen and Eric Softland.

Matberg and Softland were forced to a duel. And in the end it was Matberg who I had to leave the competition.

Jing’s You have collected the most points Saturday before. When the viewers’ votes were tallied, that was Triana Iglesias who came out.

“Shall We Dance” this fall is a variation as previous dance winners and other participants try the hand again.

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