Housing and energy efficiency | Polegtop redecorates himself – shaking his head

Housing and energy efficiency |  Polegtop redecorates himself – shaking his head

(The newspaper online): We Norwegians are world champions in redecoration, but now we also have to think in terms of energy.

– The big question is to know what you need to do to get a good “rating”, says Managing Director Grete Meyer at Privatmegleren to Nettavisen.

A new EU directive is entering Norwegian homes and buildings at full speed, with a grade scale of AG, where A is the best. A good “energy rating” means your home uses little energy and emits few greenhouse gas emissions.

One step must be raised for each person in energy categories F and G. In 2050, all buildings must be zero emissions.

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– Few people understand what is needed. We’ve renovated my house now, and I think we’re at level C, in the middle of the tree. Those who have managed to reach “Level A” are engineers with advanced experience in all possible “tricks”, where you can save money and understand how to isolate everything.

In other words, very few of us:

– So here we need clearer rules and frameworks, so that we know what to do.

Up to 28.5 percent of Norway has energy class G, and only 0.82 of Norwegian homes have energy class A. According to Enova.

– You are what we call an “expert”, yet it is so difficult?

– Yes, it is very difficult! It is almost impossible to get an “A”; Then central heating, heat pumps, solar cells, insulators, special windows – plus all the possible tricks that provide light and heat in all rooms.

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– This cannot be achieved without being “absolutely special,” says Mayer.

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– Saves electricity

– How important is it to achieve an “A” rating?

– I’m not saying it’s that important, but the important thing is that we need more energy. Also in industry. Therefore, we must take action everywhere. Having more energy efficient homes means we save electricity and money. Bonus is also a more comfortable house to live in.

She believes that many people should express their satisfaction with the management of the promotion, for example to the “C” level.

-So we have made a great effort for our country by saving energy, and at the same time we live better.

– Better labeling

According to Mayer, we need definitions that give a clearer indication of the causes of energy leakage in homes.

-Thus, those of us in the housing market can help homeowners and sellers in a very different way than today.

Therefore the European Union requires that energy consumption Get down to the building block. ENOC negotiations are expected to be ready by Christmas.

Mayer fears most how we will follow directions if we do not receive clearer instructions.

They are also very clear that motivation, assistance and subsidies from the authorities are necessary here so that we can achieve our goal.

Compares with electric cars: – Must have traction assistance

– What do you think, is it too expensive to install good, energy-efficient solutions in Norwegian homes today?

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– Yes, today it is very expensive! We have to consider whether we should offer subsidies or exemptions from VAT, and I don’t care much whether you cut taxes or provide subsidies, because in the end it goes into the same pot. But we need help, just as electric cars did in their time.

“But that’s a lot more expensive than looking at the car market,” Mayer quickly adds.

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