How does Apple respond? – Etavisin

How does Apple respond?  – Etavisin

Meta fears what Apple could achieve in the AR market, but in the short term it will still own the gaming market for VR and AR headsets.

Apple is working on “Vision”

That’s because the Vision Pro is very expensive: the price in Norway will be more than NOK 35,000 when it launches, probably late next year. In contrast, Meta Quest 3 will launch for NOK 6,695 on October 10. Combine the much lower price with a premium library of games and apps, and the Meta will have a competitive advantage for much longer. The question is how long it will last.

It was actually before Apple introduced the Vision Pro, there were rumors of a less expensive headset, which seemed like a guarantee – perhaps the name “Apple Vision?”. But the question is how much Apple can lower the price of the affordable headphones, because even if it halves the price, the price will still be at least NOK 17,500.

Apple’s Vision Pro lineup has already begun planning new models, with the software to be finalized before its US launch, possibly in the spring of next year. One of the goals of the second generation Apple Vision is to make the headset lighter since the Vision Pro weighs a lot. This is why Apple developed an additional strap on top of the head.

“Meta Quest 3 in cheap edition next year”

And Meta must be willing to lower the price. According to an Apple expert, Meta will launch a cheaper VR/AR headset next year similar to the Quest 3, but with weaker hardware. So the Quest 3 will be presented as a mid-range product, and they will likely change the Quest Pro (which was quickly reduced in price from $1,500 to $1,000 due to poor sales) or position it differently in the market to have something to offer at a premium price – a segment that can Competing to a greater extent with Vision Pro in technology.

One way Meta is considering reducing the cost of cheap headsets is by not including manual controllers. Instead, users must purchase the accessory separately or control the headset with hand gestures.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

According to Gurman, Apple should have abandoned glasses with augmented reality features because the technology is not good enough to make such a product a reality, which is a big loss for Tim Cook who had long hoped that Apple would be able to make such a product a reality before. also. long . This is at the same time that Meta launched the second generation of Ray-Ban glasses that lack augmented reality, but can record video and take photos like Snap Spectacles.

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