-I didn't feel like I was finished

-I didn't feel like I was finished

Lauritzen Company participants. Photo: Matti Bernitz/TV2

Mona Berntsen, 34, wants to try skydiving and living alone in nature before she has to pack her bags.

This week, company hopefuls at Camp Bømoen in Vos had to hone their skills in several group exercises, where the focus was on cooperation and team spirit.

On Saturday, the celebrity participants may have had to leave the military camp.

– Leaving is not fun. Not so, says Berntsen after losing to 39-year-old Silje Nordens in Saturday's episode.

I enjoyed Nordness' victory

In the Mist Match, company hopefuls Berntsen and Nordness compete in a game of Jenga, a game in which you remove one brick at a time and try to stack the tower as high as possible without causing the tower to topple.

Whoever caused the tower to collapse had to leave Company Lauritzen.

It was not a bitter loss, Berntsen tells VG. But she confirms:

-I didn't feel quite finished.

1–2–3, and then it was over for Mona Berntsen. Photo: Matti Bernitz/TV2

Berntsen continues:

-I thrived in challenges and with all people. It's amazing how quickly this state of being in a bubble can become the norm. What seemed abnormal at first suddenly became the new normal.

Although she wanted to continue her journey toward becoming the best version of herself, she was also happy that Nordness won.

Exciting and scary

She says Berntsen had no goal of reaching the top of the Lauritzen Company.

– I just wanted to be there as long as possible, and most of all to try to challenge the essence of the concept, to become a better version of myself. In doing so, I challenge parts of myself that I don't necessarily think about in everyday life.

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The other aspirants in the company watched the Battle of the Mist excitedly from the sidelines. Photo: Matti Bernitz/TV2

Berntsen is a professional dancer, and has danced all over the world with artists such as Justin Bieber (30 years old) and Madonna (65 years old). She says she has focused on dancing since she was young.

“I didn't do much else, so the challenge of something completely new meant you also had to explore other aspects of my personality,” she says.

-It was incredibly exciting, but also very scary. There were quite a few things that happened there on a personal level that I wasn't quite prepared for.

– A leader is already engaged in trying to give you the tools to become a better version of yourself, Berntsen says. Photo: Matti Bernitz/TV2

Berntsen expected “Lauritzen Company” to be a mental and physical challenge, but she did not expect personal growth.

– In daily life, I usually focus on what I spent a lot of time doing. But here I was challenged to do a lot of what I had never tried before or been able to do, and it completely changed the way I structured my days.

She continues:

– To experience it in such a safe environment, not least with a leader who was well experienced in it to be able to challenge it, but also take care of it, was helpful.

Watch Karen Kloman's, 34, meltdown earlier in the season:

The highlight of “Kompani Lauritzen” is all the friends I stayed with after participating.

– Not only in adulthood can you meet new people that you really enjoy together, one-on-one, so I really appreciate that!

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