– I feel helpless – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– I feel helpless – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

I know it will be double standards. I’ve seen a lot and heard a lot of people advising athletes to get an education on the side. But those who try meet very stiff resistance, Rasmus Igen-Vinge tells NRK.

The 23-year-old ran into resistance after becoming a Stabæk player in August.

Moving from second-division club Kjelsås to Eliteserien was, in fact, a dream come true.

But as it appears now, the new full-time job may cause him to miss out on the education he started.

To the rebuttal: Rasmus Eggen Vinge came to Stabæk on August 1 of this year.

Photo: NRK

Before moving on, he actually completed a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, but says one year of practice is required to become a certified physical therapist.

Since his life situation had now changed, he had asked for an exemption or modification from this training period.

But the state director of Oslo and Viken, which administers the rotation test for physiotherapy students, rejected the request for a postponement.

– The decision is based on the fact that your desire to pursue another profession is not a special reason in accordance with the rotation regulations, as the state director writes as the basis for appointment.

A private reason can be illness, pregnancy or maternity leave.

as it comes forth From the decision, it is based on current regulations. As we mentioned, the applicant has the right to appeal. The Directorate of Health is the appellate body.

This is what Thea Marie Lindquist-Pilseth, assistant director of the health department at Statsforvaltaren, writes in an email to NRK.

uncertain future

I feel a little weak. I don’t quite know who to contact. I don’t know who has the power to change my situation. If only there was a system that would allow me to know who I’m calling. I feel a little blinded, Eugene Feng says.


Big game for KJELSÅS: Rasmus Eggen Vinge after scoring for Kjelsås during the quarter-final against Raufoss in Soccer NC.

Photo: NTB

The hope was that the state manager would provide concrete input on how to resolve the situation.

– The answer you received is that you must either complete the rotation, as everyone else does, or you will not be allowed to take it. Then take your chance later, too, says Eggen Vinge.

So you actually feel a little resentful about the whole situation. You obviously take it with you on other things you do, too. There is no doubt about that.

The Stabæk player says he is willing to go to great lengths to find possible solutions.

The decision has now been appealed.


“We at Nisso think this is completely unjustified,” says Thomas Christensen of the Norwegian Sports Confederation (Neso).

Thomas Christensen, Nisso

Hope for a turnaround: Thomas Christensen in Nesso hopes the country manager will turn around and show good manners.

Photo: Ragna Kristine Sandholt/NRK

Now they promise to pursue the case with the state official.

We believe confidentiality can be shown here. Top athletes are in a very special situation. We want the best athletes. Norway needs top athletes. Then you also have to make arrangements for that.

They stress that there is no question of giving athletes any special benefits here.

However, they are in such a special position that they retire when they are between the ages of 30 and 35. One of the things we work on the most is the transition to a new career, and it should be as flexible as possible. I think only ballet dancers are in the same situation, so I think it is possible to find solutions here.

As it is today, it is extremely indiscriminate for a course of study to be rejected or deferred, due to a commitment to major sports, Christensen believes.

A big problem

Christensen confirms that they had similar situations to Eggen Vinge. The Stabæk player himself has seen many “football mates” forced to either give up sports or study.

Especially in women’s football, which I know very little about. The wages there aren’t great enough to live on either. Then there will be a choice at last. Should you prioritize education or should you prioritize football? Which is, in a way, an option that cannot be ignored, he says.

Rasmus eggs Ving

Uncertain future: It may be a long time before Rasmus Eggen Vinge gets an answer as to whether or not he can take turns.

Photo: NRK

My situation is bad, but many others have it worse, who simply have to make a choice at the time.

In 10-15 years, Eggen Vinge’s career will probably be over. Then it is also possible that he is completely down to earth.

Knowing that if you get injured, if something happens that makes you have to give up football, then you have something to turn to. This is what I worked so hard to achieve. To get that safety at the bottom. But now I don’t have that, so when I’m done with football I’m thrown into a life of work without any security.

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