I thought she was pregnant

I thought she was pregnant

A Colombian woman from the city of Oribia went for several months thinking she was pregnant. However, after visiting the doctor, the 31-year-old received the shocking news.

This was written by the news agency Jam Press.

When she didn’t feel any movement from what she thought was a fetus, she decided to go to the doctor.

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At the hospital, she had to undergo several examinations, before waiting for a ten-hour operation.

Doctors found a tumor weighing twelve kilograms inside the stomach. It should be three times the average weight of a newborn.

Making a fuss: – What the hell is this?

– It is without a doubt the largest tumor we have ever removed, says surgeon Jaider Schulze Alvarado.

Moreover, he says it is not the first time he has carried out such an operation.

The hospital that operated on the woman posted a picture of the tumor on its Twitter account.

In a similar case in 2018, a Colombian woman developed a tumor weighing 28 kilograms.

– everything pointed out to him

Like the 31-year-old woman, the woman’s family thought her large belly was caused by pregnancy.

After the examinations conducted before the operation, the surgeon confirmed that it was a tumor.

Shark Attack: - Now I broke my leg

Shark Attack: – Now I broke my leg

Everything indicates that it is a benign tumor. The patient had no underlying diseases, which is why we chose to perform the operation, he said.

The 31-year-old was discharged from the hospital the day after the operation. She is said to have thanked the medical team for the work they did.

– I removed a load that was preventing me from walking properly, she says.

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