‘Infinite’ movie review: Overwhelming Without Borders – VG

'Infinite' movie review: Overwhelming Without Borders - VG

“And that’s what you made a soul!” Photo: Peter Mountain/Paramount

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“No final”

Paramount Energy Service premieres on Wednesday, August 11th

United States of America. Reggie: Antoine Fuqua

Moderator: Mark Wahlberg, Shewell Ejiofor, Dylan O’Brien, Sophie Cookson, Jason Mantzoukas, Toby Jones

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Evan McCauley (WahlbergTroubled man. He remembers things he can’t remember, things he can’t know (some of which are useful, like being able to make Japanese katana-is), and needs many pills to smooth out the top cap.

He has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. What McCauley doesn’t know is that he’s not a cow at all. No, he is one No final – Infinite – Only one of the five hundred people on this planet is reincarnated every time they die, and they can also remember their past lives. He must be informed immediately of this.

Thinking Like This Is Breaking Down: Mark Wahlberg on “Infinite”. Photo: Peter Mountain/Paramount

There are perturbations in the ranks of infinity. The five hundred can be divided into two blocks: believer faithful, and Nihilists. Those who reject all ideals and morals. Preparing to fight between the two groups, the most important is the egg (!) that McCauley managed to hide in his previous life, and the second before he takes the rope and is reborn.

Can McCauley – by nature one Believer, we have to believe – rediscovering this egg, saving the world and in the same slinger rehabilitating the souls of a number of like-minded people whose souls were stolen by nihilists? Where was this transferred on a memory stick (!again!) and placed in a “digital sanitizer”?

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This is the question you have never asked yourself in the 106 minutes that Infinite insists on continuing.

Armed believer: Sophie Cookson in The Infinite. Photo: Peter Mountain/Paramount

Antoine FuquaMovie s would like you to indulge in Christopher NolanThe part, and the movie’s mainstays aren’t the worst hatched ever. Not the best, but not the worst either. And whether Nolan’s films are often confusing, about the British director Failed to fully explain their films – Well, then at least he does homework, brave attempts.

Fuqua They have no such honorable intentions. He only makes movies because someone, more specifically the relatively recent streaming service Paramount, gave him the money to do so. He doesn’t seem to care that he’s pulling others into the same sling. Actors, for example.

MALMFULL MANN: Chiwetel Ejiofor i “The Infinite”. Photo: Peter Mountain/Paramount

Worst effort in a movie with massive amounts of flat acting, Jason Mantzoukas, in the role of Mad Scientist with Hipster Complexes, is represented by him. The most painful is that Ejiofor, known from12 years a slave» (2013) pretends to be a brat with an ore full voice.

Wahlberg? He’s not a very dynamic action hero, and throughout the film he appears as slow and uncharacteristic. Yes, he looks as stupid as him game I “dance nights» (1997).

Oh, how happy I was when “Infinite” ended.

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