Instagram, Business | Now you can find us on Instagram again: – It is important for us to be where our audience is

Instagram, Business |  Now you can find us on Instagram again: – It is important for us to be where our audience is

– We who work in Helgelendingen and Sandnessjøen are proud of the quality reading we provide and engaging journalism with the community every day. At the same time, we would like more young people to get to know the newspaper and what we have to offer, says editor-in-chief Jonas Brecki.

Now, Instagram is not necessarily the most youthful communication platform to reach younger readers. But when seven out of ten Instagram users are under 30, it’s still an exciting opportunity to connect with a target group that isn’t overrepresented among subscribers.

– I myself am no slouch on social media, I have to admit. But fortunately, an editorial team has been assembled with experience in many fields and who take new challenges head-on, says Brick.

You can find us under Usernames »avisa. helgelendingen” And the “In Sandnessjoen».

“Helgelender” is ambiguous

It was the newspaper’s new SoMe director, Benedicte Wærstad, who was given the task of creating a new Instagram account. She is so happy Media House has Helgelendingen and iSandnessjøen on Instagram.

– We will try to be present with both stories and videos, chronicles and reels. She adds that compiling our news and reports in a different way and spreading joy around our local community.

Several years ago, the paper made a somewhat half-hearted attempt. Therefore, there is still an Instagram account called Helgeland Arbeiderblad, which is not in use. The name Helgelendingen is also busy on Instagram. Until now, it was not possible to find out who was behind it.

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– It’s kind of a mystery. US-based owner Meta also did not respond to our inquiries about who registered this user. Brække says if anyone knows, please contact us.

behind the scenes

Mediehuset also wants to show some of what goes on behind the scenes. Among other things, by showing what happens before and during the creation of an article for a newspaper.

Instagram opens up a direct, personal connection with your readers. Those who follow us will sometimes get small glimpses of how an ordinary day in the editorial office of a local newspaper could turn out, in a looser, more humorous package, says Jonas Breck.

We welcome advice and input on both our journalism and issues we can mention for and about young people, and what kind of content is appropriate on social media. It’s important for us to be where our audience is, Weierstad adds.

It is possible to contact Helgelendingen on social media, by phone, by e-mail or by visiting the premises.

The goal of having accounts on Instagram is, among other things, to reach those who use this platform more than Facebook.

– Like other media, Helgelendingen works to reach younger target groups and we like to create content that reaches out to and cares about the Millennials. That is, those born between 1996 and 1981, says Weierstad, who encourages everyone to follow “avisa.helgelendingen” and “iSandnessjoen”.

We’re still in the initial stage a bit, but eventually we’re looking forward to more content. And a little towards the end of the new year, we’ll be inviting our new followers to join a contest with a few select prizes, says Brick.

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