Intel has deleted the attack against AMD

Intel has deleted the attack against AMD

Intel has deleted an aggressive marketing campaign against AMD.

Intel has a point…

The reason the presentation was deleted is uncertain – perhaps they found it not to their taste, and perhaps it was just a test to see if it would be accepted in the first place? Whatever the reason, Videocardz saved the presentation, which it called “Basic Facts,” before Intel took it down.

…But they don’t have everything straight either

Intel’s claim is that AMD uses misleading product names for its CPUs in order, according to the competitor, to trick customers into buying something slower than they think. According to Intel, this means, among other things, starting the SKU with the number 7, instead of 4. The first reveals the year of production, and the number 4 reveals the generation in question. For example, Intel writes that “The Ryzen 5 7520U is built on the legacy Zen 2 architecture released in 2019!”

The Verge thinks Intel is right: “AMD’s product naming is clearly designed to mislead consumers into thinking they’re getting the latest CPUs in a laptop, as most won’t be aware of what 2 in a 7520U actually means.”

But the paper is also critical of Intel, because many of us remember the technology’s brand names like 14nm, 14nm, and 14nm++:

“Intel launched the Core i9 11900K in 2021, reducing the number of cores from the 10 found in the 10900K to just eight. The confusing move came after years of Intel using the names 14nm, 14nm+, and 14nm++ for what was more or less a way for Intel to rebrand the fact that they were still 14nm chips.

Intel’s attack comes just weeks after the company released 14th generation desktop processors that look like overclocked 13th generation chips. There are no major architectural changes from the 13th generation to the 14th generation, just updates.

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