Intel shuts down Optane business –

Intel shuts down Optane business -

Intel has decided to close the company’s operations related to Optane products. Intel launched Optane in 2017 as a kind of cache solution for hard drives and hard drives. The company has already begun to liquidate.

Intel Optane products are based on non-volatile memory technology – 3D Xpoint – developed by Intel in collaboration with Micron. Anyway, at that time this was much faster than normal flash memory.

in a report Intel writes that the company considers Optane a leading technology, but it does not align with the company’s strategic priorities. The company said it would comply with its obligations to customers but did not expect to sell the remaining inventory, which was written off in the second quarter, for $559 million.


For many, discontinuing Optane may not have been a huge surprise. According to Forbes It became clear already in January 2021 that Intel would drop the majority of deliveries to the consumer market. Two months later, it became known that Micron would not participate in the fun, abandoned the further development of 3D Xpoint technology, and eventually sold the Utah plant to Texas Instruments.

Intel itself got rid of most of the company’s flash memory business by selling it to SK Hynix last December.

Thus, the termination of Optane’s business is only the last step so far in a process that has been going on for quite some time.

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